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Love and Friendship Spells

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Love Charm
1 red candle
1 part Red Rose
1 part Vervain Blue
1 part Cinnamon
1 part Rue
2 Juniper Berries
1 part Salt
1 small Quartz crystal
1 pink, red and white pouch, or a locket hung around the neck by read ribbon

This spell is customarily done with one of the subjects present. As the herbs are mixed it is important for them to hold the stone and concentrate on the other half of this pairing and all the love they want to share. The stone is the last thing to be added to the mix and seals the spell.
The ingredients of this spell are to be added as they come up in the casting. The quantities and size of the stone should be in amounts that will, once all mixed together, fit the locket or pouch you've selected.
Light the candle and into your mortar begin adding the ingredients while saying:
Roses red and Vervain Blue (add rose and vervain and grind together)
You know what is best to do
Bring forth love, hidden deep
In his arms, she doth keep
Cinnamon now join the mix (add cinnamon and grind)
With your power together fix
Rue in all your divine grace (add rue and grind)
Join these two and time not waste
Two apart now join as one (add juniper berries - grind)
Under Moon and under Sun
Never more shall they be part
With love that's pure and true of heart (on "pure" add salt and at end add the stone)
Place the mixture with the stone into the pouch/locket and drip three drops of wax onto the opening. If you used a locket, quickly wipe any wax that dripped beyond the opening so that the seal remains. The subject should carry or wear this charm until his/her desire has been fulfilled.
Herbal Information: Rose
Herbal Information: Vervain
Herbal Information: Cinnamon
Herbal Information: Rue
Herbal Information: Juniper

For Love


1 pink candle
1 white candle
1 rose quartz
1 piece of parchment paper
1 pink pen
1 red ribbon
dragon's blood incense
rose oil
vanilla oil
red lipstick
This is to be done on a Friday morning on the weekend of a full moon.
Before lighting the candles,carve the rune for love on both of them. Then light the candles and dragon's blood incense.
draw on the piece of parchment paper an ideal guy you would like to be with and list all the qualities you want in him.
fold the paper into thirds. Put your lipstick on and kiss the paper after it's folded. put three drops of rose oil on
your finger and smear it on the rose quartz. Tie the folded paper with the red ribbon and take it outside with the rose quartz. Bury it under a flower bush and say:
"Goddess Aphrodite, I call you forth to me
to bring me a love that is right
thank you for helping me during this time
let this spell begin tonight.
Let him be someone I'll be happy with
Let him be someone who likes to kiss
Let us be happy in romantic bliss.
This is my will,so mote it be!"

- by Artemis -


Love Path
I would prefer using a white candle for this spell but then again that's just me. I feel that the white candle could represent the purity of the path. You can dress the candle if you like or put scents within the candle holder to infuse the candle to conceal its purpose. example: Jasmine, lavender, lotus, etc.

If you do not want to do any of this:
Take candle which is already placed within the candle holder, visualize love finding its way to you. After this:

Take the candle holder and if you have a balcony which is preferably best or place the candle at the closest entrance of your home. And say:

With this candle let its light shine the path of love to me.

You could let it burn out if you like. Or set the candle to burn for the week.
- By Normarie -

Cure a broken heart
  (Submitted by SsPaRrKkLe  7/12/99)
First make a bag of herbs to carry with you...the herbs should help to alleviate some of the pain that you are feeling...Inside the bag of white or red of material soft and pure.  Put these herbs inside and make it where your pain is cured:
Basil, bay, cinnamon, fennel seeds mint, rose petals, rosemary, (for your needs) thyme, vervain and violet flowers, add a charm from your birth a sign from whatever signifies your worth.

On the night of the new moon put these things in the bag of lost sorrow tie with a white string, and annoint it with oil of garlic or yarrow and the following invocation say:


You should carry the bag with you until you feel the pain and sorrow leave you...if the feelings start to creep up on you, touch the bag and allow the bag to carry the sorrow for you.  The second thing that you might try is the following:

Light saffron, and make a saffron tea... light a white candle, and a blue candle, and take a piece of rose quartz....With these things meditate on your pain, and push the pain from you into the rose quartz... allow the quartz to take the pain from you, and then place the quartz in the window or sunlight in order for the pain to escape completely from you and your house.

To soothe a broken heart
after a relationship ends
This is a two-part spell I designed for people who have recently ended a relationship but feel that they just can't let go.

You will need:
one egg
one pink candle
rose petals
lemon balm
rose oil (optional)
Take the egg in one hand. Sit quietly and think about the relationship you have just ended, and your feelings about splitting up. Allow all your negative feelings, grief, frustration and loneliness to come to the surface. Cry, howl and bawl if you need to - the end of a relationship is like a death and you should allow yourself to grieve and not feel ashamed about it.
While thinking about the relationship, take the egg and roll it gently over your face and forehead. Imagine that the egg is like a sponge which can soak up your grief, your need, and all the negative emotions which are holding you back and dampening your spirits. Project all your unhappiness over the relationship into the egg and let it soak up all your negative feelings.
When you feel that the egg has sucked up all your unhappiness and negative feelings over this broken relationship, take it to a plot of earth - preferably not your own garden - and bury it. If it must be on your property, bury it as far as possible from your house. Know that the negative feelings and depression you projected onto the egg are being absorbed and neutralized by the earth.
Return to your house, preferably to your own bedroom or some place where you spend a lot of time. Make yourself some lemon balm tea with some of the rose petals, and sweeten it to taste with honey. Sprinkle the rest of the rose petals around the candle and yourself, if you have enough. Light the candle. Imagine the warmth of the candle and the scent of the rose petals combining and filling the room with warmth, sweet rose scent and soft pink light. Let the pink light and scent fill you with loving warmth and comfortable feelings.
If you have some, anoint your chest just over the heart with a little rose oil.

Sip the lemon balm tea. Say quietly and with conviction:
'Gentle balm, soothe my heart
Bring to me your healing art'.
Imagine yourself surrounded by love and peace, sheltered from discomfort and loneliness. Know that you deserve love and that you are now free of your previous relationship and open to a new one. Gaze into the candle flame and imagine yourself happy and healed, living a joyful and fulfilling life without the person you have just broken up with.
- from NY_Wicca -
Sooth a broken heart
Using three red candle, place in the shape of a triangle on the floor of a quiet room, place a picture of your lost love in the centre. Clear your mind and focus only on the picture and repeat the following three times:
Rest in Peace,(name of lost love), you are deceased in my heart and no longer a part of my misery.
After doing so, burn the picture in the candles, moving between the three.
Scatter the ashes in yours and your lost lovers favourite place or if not a place of special meaning to you.
Whilst scattering the ashes repeat the chant once again.

- By Rhiannon -

Cure a broken heart

This spell is best done on a Tuesday or when the moon is waxing.

You will need:
2 white taper candles and holders
1 red taper candle and holder
An ashtray or "cauldron"
A piece of red paper cut into a heart shape
A Black Pen
A piece of Rose Quartz

Place the taper candles out like this: (W) (R) (W) Cast your circle and light the left white candle first then the right white candle and then the red candle. Write the persons name on the paper and burn over the red candle while saying:

"I burn thy name so it shall be,
Cast out of my memory, (Person's Name),
you name is as cold as ice,
To get over you would be nice."

Now think to yourself about getting over the loved one and leading a happy life without them in it. Thank the elements and close the circle Happy Casting 
- Submitted by Urban Myst -

Confused Heart Spell
Make sure you are in a quiet place and recite this spell:

My heart keeps pulling me separate ways.
Make me decide so one love will stay.
Please just let me make up my mind
so one boy will be there for me all the time.

- by Jill -

Friendship spells

Friendship Spell to attract new friends and bring old ones closer by Juniper
*Pink candle
*Rose Quartz
*Sunflower or rose oil
Light the candle, and dress it with lavendar and either rose or sunflower oil. Say:
'Alone eas I in days gone by
But now no more to be
With this spell, I ring a bell
To bring new friends to me.
Aire Fire Land and Sea,
bring new friends to me.
From all directions be they of
Loyalty, Trust, Humor and Love
Qualities that I respect include in my friends of new
Old friends be closer and true
new friends loyal and funny,
bring them do.
Open heart and mind in life
let them not be full of strife.
Positive thoughts, words and deed
New friendship of now I plead
Calling on spirits higher than I
To bring friendships from all over the sky.
Harming none and helping all is how it shall be.
This I make true
3X3X3, So mote it be!
Close your circle and let the candle burn out.

Crossing Paths Spell
You Will Need:
Yellow candles
Yellow or white thread
Picture of yourself
Picture of intended
Magnet or lodestone
On a night during the Waxing Moon, and preferably when the moon is in the phase of Gemini (for communication) gather the above ingredients and go to a place where you can be alone for at least 30 minutes.
Light the candles and hold the pictures within your hands and chant this charm:
"Image of me, Image of you,
Coming together, forming two."
As you say this, cut the images so the two of you are not part of the original photos any longer. The pictures are then sewn together with the needle and thread. The new photo is then placed on your alter, and atop should be placed a lodestone or magnet to draw the two of you together.
On the Full Moon of that month, light a yellow candle and place the charm underneath the candle to work your magic. Say this to release the spell:
"A picture of you, a picture of me,
a picture of us, together shall be.
Come, if you will, to be with me,
this is my will, so mote it be."
Now that the magical part is done, you must work the mundane part. Write or call and ask to meet them. If they are not receptive to your offer, try again another time. This spell is not meant to force the person to do anything they aren't willing to do so just let them know that your offer is always open.
You will need: a picture of your enemy, or a drawing if a photo is not available.
Make sure no one else is in the photo if you use one. Vanilla incense.
Take the picture of your enemy and pass it through the smoke of the vanilla incense.
While doing this say the following 3 times:
Enemy, enemy, turn into friend
let all ill will now come to an end.
--Two candles with the astrological color correspondences of both your signs.
Light both candles. Chant:
Candle shining in the night
With your flame enchanted,
By the powers of magic might
May my wish be granted.
Winds of friendship blow this way, from now until our final day.
This spell that I send is now at an end.
Let the magic I've laid, go forth and not fade! So mote it be!
Sprinkle cinnamon over the candles, watching as it crackles.
Blow out the candles in the direction of your friend's house, so the smoke wafts in his/her direction.
Each morning the following week, have cinnamon toast for breakfast.
And if you can, sprinkle cinnamon on your cappuccino.
And if you like it, chew cinnamon gum. (Are you sensing a theme here?)
If it's in the best interests of the universe, your friend will agree with you during the week.

To be done after an argument has occurred between you and a loved one.
Draw two figures on separate sheets of paper-one representing you and the other representing
the other person. Personalize the figures as needed (e.g.. Draw yellow on the head for blond
hair, draw glasses , etc.) Place an unbroken bay leaf on one figure and lay the other figure
face-down on top, creating a sandwich type thing. Say:
"Let the bay leaf take the energy and anger that is between us."
Separate the figures. Pick up the bay leaf and crumple it in the palm of your hand.
While doing so, say:
" As this leaf is broken and blown away,
Let the anger contained within also break and blow away."
Place the figures again on top of each other and say,
"Now there is no anger between us."
Blow the leaf to the wind. Wrap the figures up with a pink ribbon and put in safe place
small piece rhodonite assorted flowers
cauldron filled half-way with water (preferably spring or filtered)
Before the spell begins, decorate your altar with fresh cut flowers in a manner that will allow
them to witness your work. Call upon you're the appropriate deity/spirit of your tradition and
ask them to witness your spell.
Place the stone in the center of the cauldron with water.
Open yourself and allow yourself to feel peaceful.
When you are relaxed, take a step back and while concentrating on the quarrel say.
The time has come for his quarrel to end.
Let anger be released and begin the mend.
Repeat this until you can feel any anger or hurt about the argument floating away.
Collect the flowers and put them in a vase using the water from your cauldron.
Keep them in a place in your home that you go to often and allow then to remind you that all will be well soon.
Give the stone to the other person as a gift.
Try to resolve your differences rationally and if you feel yourself getting angry repeat the chant to yourself.
Your argument should be well on it's way to being over by the time the flowers wilt.
Inscribe a pink candle with your name, then anoint the rose quartz with sunflower oil.
Light the candle. Hold the stone in your hand, and visualize friendships coming your
way and a new relationships forming. Chant three times
open mind, and gain new life,
gone from you, all stress and strife.
open heart, gain life anew.
accept all love that's offered you.
positive thought and word and deed.
enter now, of bane I'm freed
ancient, hear me---grant my plea
to new relationships, open me.
place the stone by the candle, and leave it there until the candle burns down.
carry the stone with you.
Write the name of the one offended on one side of a Popsicle stick, and yours on the other side.
Place the stick in a jar, fill the jar half full with sugar. Chant:
In this sugar we both stand, back to back, but hand to hand,
Change (name of the person's) sour thoughts of me, to sweet forgiving thought, I plead.
Add water untill three fourth full....and say with this water:
I wash away all that keeps us now at bay sugar water,
I now pray let forgiveness come my way
Cap the jar tightly and shake 9 times, saying:
Sugar sweet do your thing and bring (name of the person) forgiveness,
Quickly bring him/her of thoughts of me so sweet
That his/her forgiveness is complete
Shake the jar 9 times each day while saying the last chant.
(A spell to find true love or friendship)
You will need:
A pink candle/red candle (Pink for friendship or red for love, depending on what you want)
A piece of paper (Either red or pink depending on the intent.)
If both can't be found, just use a white sheet of paper)
A pen (Any color ink is fine but it is advisable to use pink for friendship, red for love)
Some rose incense
The spell: This spell must take three days to perform and is best if done at night.
You may wish to wear something red or pink depending on what you want, love or friendship.
The first part of the spell is to find a room that is dimly lit and begin the spell by first lighting
the candle and incense. Close your eyes and meditate, inhale the sweet smell of the rose
incense, feeling as if you are totally surrounded by roses.
Totally relax yourself and free yourself from tension
After feeling totally relaxed, take the piece of paper and the pen and write down what you want
your friend or dream lover to be, whether you want him to be handsome or you want him to be the
quiet type, write everything down. Think about what you want his character to be and write
everything down. Concentrate hard on these characteristics and tell yourself that there is such
a perfect person in the world. You may even wish to write a love poem to strengthen the spell
but please make sure your poem is original as in you wrote it yourself. Once you think that you
have listed everything, look deep into the candle flame of the pink candle and meditate hard
on this person you wish to conjure up. Then before you end the spell, repeat this incantation:
''I conjure thee, I conjure thee
I am the queen, you are the bee
As I desire, so mote it be!"
Perform this spell for three consecutive nights to see if you have any more things you wish to
add to that list. On the third night repeat the same procedure, only that at the end of the spell
you use the flame from the pink candle and burn the whole paper and leave the paper in
a bowl to cool. Then drop three drops of wax on the ashes and spiritually cleanse the ash
by waving rose incense over it. Right after, take a small pouch and empty the ash into the pouch.
Then fill the pouch with a mixture of white and red rose petals and leaves.
Carry the small pouch with you wherever you are to attract this friend or lover you conjured
into your life.

Item needed: 1 Quartz crystal
Find a nice quiet place where you can lay down, place the quartz crystal on you third eye and say:
"I call upon Gula, great goddess of Healing,
Guide the help to direct any bad feelings,
See this dark specters reeling.
By the grace of your power I ask you to heal them.
Teach each to feel what the other feels,
By the power of three, I wish it to be."
If you focus on one person the spell will affect that person a little better than just doing in general.

This spell should be used to cause someone with whom you have lost contact to contact you.
It is not manipulation so much as an astral call for contact when you have no other way to
reach them that you know of.
You will need:
White candle anointed w/ sandalwood oil Sandalwood incense
photo of the person small glass of water salt
Light the white candle and the incense. Place the picture of the person on your altar.
Put 2 heaping tablespoons of salt in the palm of your right hand. Let a small amount of
salt trickle into the glass while making the sign of the equal armed cross of the elements.
Make this cross 3 times. Say " Call me" three times as you do this. Then set the glass on
the altar and say "Get in touch with me, please." They should contact you by the time
the water has evaporated from the glass.

Need: ˝ teaspoon yerba maté or sage, 1 tablespoon of pineapple juice, some bread crumbs.
Light a pink (for romance) or red (for passionate relationship) candle in your bathroom.
Pour all of the ingredients in the cheesecloth and fill your bath with water bath, go inside
and place the cheesecloth (tied) into the bath water and let it diffuse, visualize the kind
of lover you want and what type of relationship you wish to have. Thank the goddess/gods
and snuff out the candle (don't blow out!). Do not rinse or use soap.
Let this beauty/attraction bath stay on you for the rest of the night
Peace in Friendship
Submitted By: BlackRaven
Fire, Fire, bring my desire.
Sea, Sea, keep harm from me.
Land, land, I call not on command.
Air, air, protect thy witch's lair.
By all the elements and the power binded by thee,
I call thee, keep harm from me.
By all the elements I call thee,
Bring all thy peace, between the allies and me.
Friend or foe spell
Light three blue candles and write the name of the person you wish to be friends with with in red ink, then your name in the same ink. Tie them together (any way) and put it in to a bowl of sugar. Then chant:
Friend I wish to be, will you please see, that I'm not your enemy.
The next day if they talk to you, they will become your friend, but if they don't they are your true foe.
Found on:
Friendship Spell
Use this spell to let a friend know that you are there for them.
Need: A candle in the appropriate choice (orange works best), paper and a pen/pencil.
You need to cast a circle as usual and invoke the God and Goddess. Light the candle and recite the spell given.
On A piece of paper write this spell:
To help a friend's whose mind is clogged,
help them see the world evolve,
let them see that people change,
and that know one stays the same.

After that put the paper over the candle flame and let it burn while thinking of the friend in your head.

-- By Charmed One
Found on:
Friendship candle spell
Need: Pink Candle, Good Luck/Friendship Oil, Pink silk ribbon, White Silk Ribbon

Cast the Circle, Arrange altar, Invoke Goddess and God
You will want to anoint the pink candle with Good Luck oil all the while thinking of the friends you want to make.
Imagine yourself laughing with them, going out with them. Really see yourself with them.
After your candle has been anointed, you may light it. At this point you may call out the things that are important to you in a friend: honesty, trust, open mindedness, humor, whatever.
As you light the candle, see the flame as being the energy that burns between any two close friends.
When this is completed, take your two pieces of silk ribbon and weave them together.
Simply winding them around each other will do.
While you do this, think of bringing that friend closer to you.
This binding process is reminiscent of pagan handfasting rituals.
You are binding that friend to you, making them loyal to you, a way any good friend should be.
You do not want to bind a specific person to you, as that kind of magic is harmful since is harms the other person's free will. Only bind the idea of the perfect friend to you.
Once you have done this, tie the ribbon to the base of your candle as best as you can.
The candle's light is a beacon to bring friendship to you and another person.
When this is done, you may wish to sit and meditate on the spell that you have just cast, sending your energies out to bring that perfect friend to you. When you feel that your spell has been completed, then it has. Let your candle burn all the way out and release your circle, thanking the Goddess and the God.

-by Steven
Found on:
To Help a Friend
You will need: One Candle, bowl, and water
Put the candle in the bowl and pour the water in the bowl. After you have done that light the candle and say:

Little Angel come to me. Help me help my friend in need.
Help (him or her) to find the answer to the quistion she holds in her mind.
Little Angel come to me come and my friend in need.
Little Angel help my friend find (his or her) answer.
Free (him or her) missery that she pleads with me.

After you have said this, think of your friend and blow out the candle.
-- Submitted by Storm
Found on:
Helping A Friend with a Decision
You need to have permission of your friend (the one you're casting it for) to make it work. It's best to do this on a waxing moon and on a Wednesday.

You will need: 1 Orange Taper Candle with holder, 1 White Taper Candle with holder. A Large Church candle with a green ribbon tied around it, A piece of opal, aquamarine or citrine, Symbol of Mercury (Hermes)

Put the taper candles beside the Church candle. Cast your circle. Hold the gemstone in your left hand and the symbol in your right hand and say:

"Hermes, give (friends name) answers in her sleep, And make them his/hers to keep, Give him/her guidance, clear and true, So he/she knows what to do, And it harm none so mote it be!"

Meditate about your friend making the right decision. Thank Mercury/Hermes and the elements. Close your circle. Don't forget to snuff your candles out, NOT blow them out!

- by Urban Myst
Found on:
Spell to make friends Fast
This is to make friends with any one you know.

You will need:
1 white or pink candle
1 rose quartz

How to do it:
Call the quarters and light the candle. Hold the rose quartz in your hand and recite:
"Oh godess, help me now,
For your light to fill this room,
And for me and (persons full name.)
To let our friendship bloom."
Now, gripping the rose quartz, imagine you and the person being best friends. Sit there for a while with the image in your head. Blow out the candle and say "So mote it be."
-by Destiny
Found on:
Mending a friendship
While reciting this spell, light an orange candle and have the name of the person you want to mend the friendship with on a piece of paper and say"

This friendship is broken. I want to fix it.
Please let this fight between (name) and (name) soon
Found on:

The Musk of Bastet


This is another spell that is said to derive from the ancient Egyptians.  No reason for this not to be true.  There were Celts mentioned in Egyptian literature and a Celtic Colony at Galatia is on the overland trade route from Europe to Egypt.  In addition, the word gypsy is a shortening of the word Egypt, where the gypsies were said to be from as far north as the British Isles.  

The Musk of Bastet is a spell to rekindle the passion of a husband and to prevent infidelity.  I’ve had no experience with it myself but it is said to be miraculous.  It starts in the same way as the bath spell above and is probably the origin of that spell.  However, it differs in one major respect.  You are to shave your entire body, including your head, eyebrows and genitals.  “ . . . ‘til nary a hair remains . . .”   I think it’s prudent to modify this one as you like, especially since you will not be able to obtain the wig you are to adorn yourself afterwards without a blood sacrifice.  If you must, get a copy of the Greek Magical Papyri in the full version.   The words of the bath spell above are a rough English translation but should work unless you want to try the original Coptic.   

After your bath, you will need a decoction (boiling of ingredients to combine them) of honey, sweet wine, cinnamon and mandrake.  There is some controversy of what the ancient Mandrake actually was.  In the bible it’s called Dudaim though it is generally thought to be Mandragora Officinarum (Latin name) however, my personal opinion was that it was probably Damiana an herb grown in Egypt.   

After you are done with your bath and dry, dip your ring finger in the warm decoction and spread a small quantity of the mixture between the inner lips of your labia minor.  When you dress let nothing but pure unmixed fabrics touch your genitals, something like silk or 100% cotton, I would think.   You must also refrain from masturbation until the spell is done.  

The spell calls for this to be done daily until your husband returns to your bed as an “enflamed” lover.    

Love Ferra

A Romanian love web. An excellent spell for keeping a love.
You will need:
 A pen or pencil
 A sheet of paper
 A length of twine
 A beeswax candle

This spell should only be performed during a waxing moon.
Light the candle.
Trace the following drawing on the sheet of paper:

In the center of the web, write your name and the name of the person you wish to remain in love with you.
Take the candle and drip some wax over both of the names.
Roll the paper while the wax is still warm and tie it with the twine.
Keep the paper in a safe and hidden place.

Some people are wooed by persistent would-be lovers, those who won't take no for an
answer and who won't leave them alone. This is the ideal spell for such a situation.
It should be done during the waning cycle of the Moon.
Have a roaring fire going, then go outside and pick up two handfuls of dry vervain leaves
(you can place them on the ground ahead of time, if necessary.)
As you pick them up, shout out the name of the one you wish to be rid of.
Turn and go into the house (or cross to the fire if this is all done out in the open)
and fling leaves onto the fire with the words:
Here is my pain;
Take it and soar.
Depart from me now
And offend me no more.
Do this for three nights in a row. You will hear no more from the unwanted ones.
Desire Emote
A spell from the Cook Islands used to increase the level of any desire in the spell's subject. This is a simple, but tremendously interesting spell, which can be used on oneself or another person to increase desire for anything.
Use with caution: This spell can turn and twist
You will need:
 Three seeds of any type
 A small cloth bag or paper envelope
 A sheet of paper
 A pen or pencil
 A pinch of your or the other person’s favorite spice
Write the name of the person whose level of desire you wish to increase on the paper. Next, write exactly what desire it is that you wish to show an increase and to what level you wish it to rise.
For example:  John
I want his desire for sleep to increase to 12 hours a day.
I want her desire to travel to increase to once per month.
Sprinkle the favorite spice of the person for whom you intend the spell into the center of the paper. Place the seeds on top of the spice. Fold the paper so that the spice and seeds remain inside. Place the folded paper into the cloth bag or envelope and seal or close securely.
Hide the bag or envelope in the room where the person sleeps. If that is not possible, hide it in a room or area where they spend a great deal of time
Witches' Love Bottle
1 small stone (malachite or rose quartz)
1 bottle (pink glass if possible) with tight fitting cap/cork
1 handful fresh or dried rose petals, lavender, tulip and jasmine
1 handful fresh or dried mint, rosemary, thyme and basil
1/8 cup honey
1/2 cup of alcohol (Vodka, Gin or Rum)
water, enough to fill the remaining space in the bottle
pink wax from altar candles

Add the flowers and herbs to the bottle. While adding them, concentrate on love and all the wonderful feelings being in love and being loved brings. Hold the stone in your hand and concentrate on the love you want this bottle to bring you, then drop it into the bottle with the flowers and herbs.
Mix the alcohol and honey then pour it into the bottle. Then, fill the bottle with water and seal it carefully with pink wax from an altar candle. While sealing the bottle say the following:
Love in all it's glory be
From highest mountain and lowest sea
Bring that pleasure from love is known
Through flower, herb, glass and stone
With sprits pure and honey sweet
Love's enduring power keep
Place the bottle where it won't be disturbed. If you feel love's power waning, give the bottle a shake and repeat the chant.
Herbal Information: Lavender
Herbal Information: Jasmine
Herbal Information: Rosemary
Herbal Information: Thyme

10 40 Spell Lust Removal
by Kali
Candles--------------black to represent him
white to represent you (inscribe names in each)
Herb-------------------lilac, rosemary
Moon phase---------waning
From out of dark and into light
(Light candles)
Our circle cast, the candles burn bright
Using the power of three times three
Hotter than fire, this magick will be.
Never again to darken my door
Send me Morrigan, he'll love me no more!
(cast herbs to the wind)
I call you now this love to break
All lustful feelings you will take
Break the bond twixt I and him
Make the love he feels grow dim
With my free will and harm to none
I now proclaim this spell is done!
Go now Morrigan, Blessed Be
This spell is done SO MOTE IT BE!
Bury black candle, keep white one near you for one month.
This ritual is used to get someone out of your life that you just can't seem to get away from.
You'll need: a string of hemp a small dish
a red, black, gray or black candle with the wick removed
a cut burnt through to the candle's center.
Slip the hemp through the crevice in the candle, and, holding both ends of the string with one hand.
Begin to burn through the center of the wax, where the crevice starts.
Channel energy into the candle based on what negative things the source has given or done to you.
Then, as the wax cascades into two pieces and the hemp burns through, visualize yourself
and the other source like the wax. Two separate bodies.
A regular circle needs to be cast for this ritual, and you have to make sure you
want no ties with this person again when the ritual's through.
This is a spell for love gone wrong, for ending a personal, family or business
relationship that you no longer wish to be in.
It is a fire spell. To work it, gather herbs of protection and an image of the person
(photograph, poppet, etc.)
Something written in their own hand, a lock of hair, a piece of clothing or a personal
object will also do.
Put everything into a fireproof container - iron cauldron, marble mortar, whatever -
and set fire to it as you perform the spell.
It should make a very satisfactory blaze that reduces to ashes.
The ashes can be buried or washed down a drain.
Flush them down a toilet if you are very angry.
Dispose of all the objects that connect you to the person: gifts, letters, photographs, etc.
It is especially important to get rid of jewelry. Move house if you have to.
Be careful with this spell. It's permanent, so don't use it unless you really mean forever.
By the crimson and the gold
by basilisk and bloodstone
by the garlic in the fields
by the poppies and what they yield
invisibly I make my shield
to detect thee and deflect thee
and keep thy harm from me.
By dragon's blood and salamanders
by horses when their hooves strike sparks
by the dragon breathing flames
from the Book of Life I erase thy names
I cut the cords and unlock the chains
I sever all the ties by which we were bound
and with impenetrable walls myself I surround
against thy power and its source
against thy evil and its source
Vesta, Pele, Lilith
Kali Kali Kali
I banish thee forever from me
and any harm from thee to me
doubles back and tables turned
thou shalt by thyself be burned
Lilith, Vesta, Pele
Kali Ma Kali Ma
by the power of three times three
I banish thee, I banish thee, I banish thee
I am set free So mote it be!
Focus your thoughts on the person you want to no longer have feelings for.
Think of all the reasons of yours & traits of theirs that you can, to back up your decision.
Write this person's name on a small slip of paper.
Cross out the name with deliberation. Say:
You no longer hold a special place in my heart.
You are not the right person for me.
I will bury my feelings for you here & make a fresh start.
Bury this bit of paper & all your feelings about this person outside under a waning moon.

The following is an effective and simple spell to encourage the end of a relationship
if you are no longer interested in the person as a lover.
a black candle a white candle salt, water dragon's blood incense
and a picture of the person you wish to end the relationship with.
It also helps if you have something of theirs (a ring, watch, etc. that they will wear at a later
time, and wear often).
Arrange all these items on a table or altar somewhere quiet that you will not be disturbed.
Write your name and his side by side on a piece of paper.
Before casting this spell, it is important that you realize the meaning behind the various things involved.
Each item represents something, and all four elements (earth, air, fire and water) are also represented.
(1) The white candle represents good will, as you do not wish the person any harm,
you are just no longer interested in a lover's relationship with them.
(2) The black candle represents 'ending' or 'finality'.
This signifies the ending of the relationship as it currently is.
** Both candles represent the element of fire.
The dragon's blood incense represents the element air.
The bowl of water represents the element of water.
The salt sprinkled around your table represents the element of earth.
The picture and personal items from the person help you to concentrate on the person,
and the item that they might wear later will further infuse them with the power of the spell.
To cast the spell:
Light the candles and incense, going around the table from North to West to South to East
(this represents diminishment or decrease, and you wish to decrease the love binding you
and your boyfriend/girlfriend.)
Cast a circle, paying tribute to the lord/lady/dragon/guardian of each of the watchtowers,
again going from NWSE in direction.
Repeat the following chant 3 times, and on the third time tear the paper that you've written
your names on in half.
"O fire and flame of candle dark, I call your power to free his/her heart.
As I tear this paper with our names inscribed, separate his/her (name) love from me apart.
Bring to him/her not one ounce of charm, but fall him/her to another's charms.
Nevermore as lovers shall we two be, but forever in friendship may we meet.
As I will it, so mote it be."
Take the two pieces of paper with the names, and burn yours in the flame of the white
candle, and burn his/hers in the flame with the black candle - when they burn down far
enough that you can't hold them any longer, drop them in the bowl of water.
Ground the power and close the circle! This is very important. I usually do this by turning
my palms downward and saying
"Circle open, but not broken - power down, to the ground".
The spell is finished, except that you must allow both the white and black candles to
burn completely down(I like to use votive candles for this reason, so they don't have to burn so long).
If you like, you can take a small silk purse or felt bag and place the burnt pieces of paper, ashes
from the incense, salt from the table or altar's surface, and a few drops of water from the bowl in
the bag and keep it until you are certain the spell has worked. It also works well if you write the
spell on parchment paper, sprinkle some of the ashes on the paper then fold it so none of the
ashes can fall out and seal the fold of the paper with wax dripped from both candles.

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