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Money Spells

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To Locate Treasure Hidden in the Earth…

To Locate Treasure Hidden in the Earth…
On a Saturday, in the early hours of the evening, write the following characters on a piece of natural paper.
To find hidden treasure
Draw a circle on the ground and speak aloud the following invocation:
Cimeries, ruler of twenty legions,
Ride now upon thy midnight steed,
With thy power imbue this tool,
That its use might be governed by thy hand,
And its strength bring honor to thy name.

Lay the paper on the spot where ye believe treasure may be buried. If treasure therein lies, the paper shall burn. But, if no treasure there is buried, the paper shall not burn.
Once ye have completed thy search, whether treasure be found or not, Cimeries must be dismissed.

Money Drawing Spell by Juniper
This spell will help when you want to attract money.
* Three Silver Coins (any kind of coin will do)
*Your Pentacle
* A Pen
*A Magnet
When the moon is waxing first, write down in the notebook the amount of savings you have. Everytime you make a deposit or put coins in your money box, add this sum to your little book. This will soon become a complete record of your finances. And being able to see how your money is accumulating will be a great inspiration to you to keep saving.
Second, use this old witches trick on all your money. It is an old magickal way to protect your money and bring prosperity into your life.
Draw a tiny pentagram on all your notes and put a dab of patchouli oil on your coins. This will ensure that money you spend will come back to you times three.
Go through your wallet or purse every evening, marking any unmarked notes and dabbing oil onto all your coins.
Lavender Money
Submitted by Timmy
Place in a bag 7 pieces of money, each different, a penny, a dime, a nickel, a quarter, a half dollar, a dollar bill, a five dollar bill (or something higher for best results). Then put in some lavender. Bring this bag around with you everywhere for 7 days. Depending on how the Gods are feeling, your money should have multiplied 7 times!
Don't forget, don't open the bag until the 7 days are up! Or your outcome will be affected!

Cauldron & Fire Spell
Submitted by Hikari
-You need a candle (any candle will do), a small cauldron or bowl, a bill of money or a bill size piece of paper.
-light the candle
-Get the bill of money ($1, $5, $10, $20, $100 doesn't mattter) or if you dont have a bill, just get a piece of paper and write the word "Money" on it.
-Roll up the bill or piece of paper hot dog style.
-Light one end of it and say the spell.
-After you say the spell, put the burning paper or bill in the bowl or cauldron and just let it burn, then you are done!
The "To get Money" spell
I ask to me, my heart's desire
That burns in me, in this mortal fire
To make life sweet as Nature's honey
Bring to me the find of money
Pierce a large navel orange with a needle, making the pattern of a dollar sign. Insert a clove in each of the piercings. Wrap the orange using green, silver, and gold ribbons in between the rows of cloves. At the top, make a loop of the three ribbons. Decorate the base with a favored crystal. Bless this little token for improved finances, then hang it in a window to release its scented energy with every breeze. When the aroma of the orange fades (the fruit will shrink as it dries), simply anoint it with essential oils for a refreshed fragrance.
General Uses
Financial improvement or stability. Improved cash flow and resources. Prosperity.
The month of April. Full and blue moons. Moon in Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius, or Pisces. Sunday
From the book, "Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders" by Patricia Telesco
To Draw Money To Fill Your Needs
Submitted By: Roni
E-Mail: <>
Items Needed:
1 Green Candle
Bayberry Oil
Drawing Oil
Altar Cleansing Oil
Wait till Full Moon. Evening is best, when your home is quiet and you can be
alone to focus. Make your circle as usual. Cleanse green candle with Altar
Cleansing Oil, focus on the white light entering your crown chakra and going
through your body and entering the candle from your hands.
Anoint candle with Bayberry and Drawing oil. Start from the center with your
left hand going up and your right hand going down the candle. While
anointing say "Lovely Goddess of the Moon, Send to me your wealth real soon,
Silver rays you do shine, Let good fortune be Mine. As it is above it is
below, this I ask please make it so."
Repeat as many times as necessary. Place candle on a fireproof surface and
allow to burn out. Please do not leave candles unattended.
Spell to Increase Cash Flow
by: Dorothy Morrison
To increase your business cash flow, hold a piece of aventurine  in your dominant hand during the waxing Moon. Concentrate on money flowing into your business, and cast an enchantment through the stone by saying:
"Money come, money grow; increase my money flow. Fill my cash box to the top; then may it never  stop."
Place the stone in your cash register or bank bag.

Done During the Full Moon
Fill your cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin into it.
Position the cauldron so that the light from the moon shines into the water.
Gently sweep your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon's silver.
While doing this say:
Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your
wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold.
All you give, my purse can hold."
Repeat this three times. When finished, pour the water upon the earth.
This may be done at any time, but preferably at the same time each day or night.
You will need a Green Candle and a White Candle.
The Green candle represents the money, and the white candle represents you.
Make sure you anoint the candles with oil first, thinking of your desire for money to come to you.
Set the candles on your alter or table 9 inches apart. After doing this say:
"Money, money come to me
In abundance three times three
May I be enriched in the best of ways
Harming none on its way
This I accept, so mote it be
Bring me money three times three!"
Repeat this for nine days.
Each day move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle.
When the candles touch, your spell is finished.
Make sure you visualize the money pouring in from the universe.
To find money, one should make a conjure bag containing a magnetic horseshoe,
and a lodestone to attract and draw wealth to you, and some Smartweed to enable
you to see how to capture it and hold it without being led astray by unprofitable
distractions or foolish delays. Feed your money bag with a sprinkle of Gold
Magnetic Sand every third day until you find the amount you need..
For wealth and prosperity for a year, take the husk from an ear of corn and put
a dollar bill along with a note written on parchment,
"Oh, dear god of luck,
money is like muck,
not good except it be spread.
Spread some here at--------------(write in your address).
Thanks be to thee. Amen."
Sign your name.
Sprinkle the dollar bill and note with Coltsfoot leaves.
Roll the husk up and tie together with green string or ribbon.
Hang the token up above the entryway with green cord.
That husk should bring riches into your home or business by the bushel.
A lucky money spell is made by placing in a conjure bag seven pieces of money,
each different, such as a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, a half dollar, $1.00 bill, and
$5.00 bill, all of which are sprinkled liberally with lavender. Take the bag with
you for seven days and your money should multiply seven times (this would give
you $41.46 above your original investment) or, in some instances if the gods
are smiling in your direction, seven times seven!
This would result in a tidy sum of $338.50 and seems well worth trying for!Coltsfoot Wealth Spell

For wealth and prosperity for a year, take the husk from an ear of corn and put a dollar bill along with a note written on parchment saying:
Oh, dear god of lucre,
money is like muck,
not good except it be spread.
Spread some here at [write in your address].
Thanks be to thee.

Sign your name to the note. Sprinkle the dollar bill and note with coltsfoot leaves. Roll the husk up and tie together with green string or ribbon. Hang the token up above the entryway with green cord. That husk should bring riches into your home or business by the bushel.
Flow of Life Spell

Take a glass of water and put an anointed clear quartz crystal into it. Focus on everything flowing to you, say:
All opportunities, abundance,
prosperity and happiness
flow to me easily, effortlessly
and with fun, through divine power.

Place the glass on a window sill or by a window in direct sunlight for seven days. Anoint your body with evening primrose oil each day after for seven consecutive days.
Money Attraction Spell

Anoint 3 green candles with Abramelin oil and place on your altar in a triangle configuration. Place a five dollar bill in the center of the triangle.

Burn Frankincense in the room and focus your intent on money coming to you right now, in the right and perfect way.

Light the candles and let them all burn down completely
Money Bag Spell

a small green talisman bag
three silver coins
a green candle
cinnamon sticks
cedar chips
Set the cauldron on your pentacle. Place a small dish inside your cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon sticks and cedar chips on it. On the right side of the cauldron, lay your wand. On the left side of the cauldron, have ready a green candle.
Once all is ready, calm yourself with a short meditation. In your mind's eye, imagine yourself surrounded by money; coins of silver and gold, gems, etc. Once you have a clear image of this in your mind, open your eyes and light the taper.
Tap each coin (one after the other) as you say the following chant:

Glistening silver, coin of the Moon,
Shiny and round, bring me a boon.
Draw to my hands more of your kind.
Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind.
Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs. Stir the air clockwise over the cauldron. Chant:

Earth elementals, cunning and bright,
With me share your treasures here on this night.
Share with me riches of silver and gold,
Success, prosperity, all I can hold.
After this, allow the candle to burn almost all the way down. Pinch it out once about a half inch of wax is left to it. Put the coins in the talisman bag, along with a few pieces of the cinnamon sticks, cedar chips, and the remaining candle wax. Wear this talisman for nine days. On the ninth night, repeat the spell using fresh herbs and a new candle.

Money Cup
A wealth spell from Austria. A good spell for accumulating wealth.
You will need:
 An earthenware cup
 A small coin
 A beeswax candle
This spell is begun on the morning of a coming full moon.
At sunrise, place the coin outside where it will be exposed to the rise of the sun and will remain in the light of the sun for the entire day. Do not move the coin once it has been placed in a suitable spot.
At dusk, flip the coin over and leave it alone while the full moon rises. Do not move the coin.
At midnight, begin the spell.
Light the candle.
Get the coin.
Place the cup in front of you.
Drip some wax in the bottom of the cup and repeat these words aloud while doing so:
By the power of the sun and the moon
Has this coin been imbued with the draw
To itself may its like attract
As it goes, may it triple back
Place the coin in the warm wax in the bottom of the cup. Seal the coin over with more wax from the candle.
Extinguish the candle.
Keep the cup in a safe but open space
Good Fortune
A spell designed to bring good fortune.
This spell should be cast near the midnight on the eve of a full moon.
To begin, gather together the following items:
   Three fresh leaves of an oak
   The dried shell of an egg
   A small pouch of fine cloth
   A length of cord to close the pouch
   A stone the size of a hen�s egg
   Two candles
Near the midnight, as close you can, light the candles and place them on a suitable table.
With the stone, grind the egg�s shell into small bits.
Place the three leaves on the table, side by side, and sprinkle the ground egg�s shell over them.
Set the stone in the midst of all and repeat the following invocation:
Spirits of the oak and stone
Life and death thee make thy own
Bring to me a better fare
Through thine spirit of the air
So it may be by the three
Let it so, be with me
Place all, the stone, leaves and the ground shell in the cloth pouch and close the pouch securely with the cord. Tie the cord using three knots. Extinguish the candles. Keep the pouch, sealed, in a safe place and use it to wish upon for good fortune.
Grow your own money
Need: Various amounts of currency, a green candle and parsley
Arrange the money around the candle. Inscribe the candle with your intent (best to include exact amount or something like "money for phone bill".)
Light the candle and sprinkle a teaspoon of parsley on top, saying:
The money I see is growing.
The money I need will come.
I release my need into the universe.
This flame brings changes into my life.
I welcome them with open arms.
Repeat three times. Allow the candle to burn out.
- Sheri Richerson -

Pay bills
Need: Green candle, paper and pen, cinnamon and sage incense, patchouly oil.
Light the incense and anoint the candle with the oil. Draw an image of your bill on the paper and what it will look like when it is paid. Imagine it being paid it full. Light the candle.
I call upon the powers of Mother Goddess and Father God;
I call upon the forces of Earth, Air, Fire and Water;
I call upon the Sun, Moon and Stars to bring me the funds to pay this bill.
Concentrate on visualizing the bill being paid for as long as you can. When you are ready, light the paper with the candle and allow it to burn in your cauldron. Allow the candle to burn out.

- Scott Cunningham -

Salatrel's Money Spell
Cleanse yourself before the ritual on a full moon. Take six green candles never burned before and place them around your circle; cast your circle and call the four Watch Towers to protect and aid you in your spell casting.
Place seven silver coins in the center and meditate, picturing money coming into your life. Light all the candles with the picture still in your mind. When finished say:
I call thee to give me your might
by the power of three,
I conjure thee
Cometh money, Cometh to me
One make it happen
Two wind of speed
Three harm none
Cometh money, Cometh to me
(Repeat three times while picturing money coming to you)
So mote it be
When finished thank the four Watch Towers and send them back asking them to return another time.
Close your circle and place the six candles still lit on your altar (letting them burn out on there own)And the seven silver candles should also be placed on the altar and leave them there for one month till the next full moon.
- by Salatrel -

Success and Prosperity Spell

* a small green or brown talisman bag
* three silver coins
* cinnamon and cedar chips
* a small dish
* your wand
* a pentacle
* cauldron
* ritual knife
This spell is best done during the waxing moon or on the Full Moon. Set your
cauldron on the pentacle. Place a small dish inside the cauldron with a small
amount of cinnamon and cedar chips on it. Beside your cauldron, lay your wand.
Tap each coin with the wand as you chant:
Glistering silver, coin of the Moon,
Shiny and round, bring me a boon.
Draw to my hands many more of your kind.
Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind.
Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs. Stir the air clockwise seven
times over the cauldron and chant:
Earth elementals, cunning and bright,
With me share treasures here on this night.
Share with me riches of silver and gold.
Success, prosperity, all I can hold.
Put the coins and the herbs in the talisman bag and lay it overnight in the
moonlight. Either carry the talisman bag with you or keep it near your bed
where you will see it every night.
Found on:
Tarot Abundance Spell
Need: One green candle; cinnamon; the Tarot card that most represents wealth and financial abundance to you; money and coins.
Lay the card face up. Surround it with the money. Place the candle at the head of the card and light it. Focus on the imagery of the card. Imagine your bills being paid and money coming to you. Sprinkle cinnamon on the flame saying:
Coins of Silver and Gold
Bring me fortune and wealth untold
Riches come through every door
To make my money ten times more
Snuff the candle and wrap it in the bills and tie it up with green string.
Found on:
To obtain money
Need: a green candle, basil, oil, money of all denominations (dollars and coins)
Inscribe the candle with your name and the exact amount of money you need. Anoint candle and roll it in the basil. Surround the candle holder with the money. Light it and say:
Money comes and money grows
Money's mine; to me it flows.
- Adapted by Apythia from Dorothy Morrison -

Spell for a year of success
Now, this spell really works but it is a little complicated. This is a spell to be successful for one year. It will not make you unsuccessful when you are done, it will just bring you back to how you were before you performed it.

~Warning~ this spell can cause a spirit to appear and sometimes even stay!

two orange candles
success oil
one crystal
a piece of paper or parchment
a bowel of sage.

Start by putting one orange candle on the left in front of you and one on the right in front of you. Place the crystal into the bowl of sage and light the sage. Light the candle on the right and chant:

I light this candle to represent the power and the strength. Essence of sage as it burns to cleanse thyself in this ritual. I call the powers above me to give me strength and hear my call. So mote it be.

Now, meditate for a moment as the sage burns. Then light the left candle and chant:

I light this candle to represent the darkness being sent away. Hear my call. Here my cry. Give me success, never ask me why. Succedre, Succedre, Here me Succedre.

Now, light the candle on the right and chant:

With the smoke and the fire of this herb, magick Seledre, I call upon you you. Hear my cry; hear my call. Hear me, hear me all. So mote it be.

Now, take the piece of paper and fold it in half long ways. Using a Q-tip, draw your own good luck symbol on one side. On the other side, draw a pentacle. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HANDS TO THE OIL!!!

After you do this, fold the paper in fours. Hold it with both hands and chant:

I ask for success. Succedre, magick Selendre, Elesae. So mote it be.

When you are done, put out all fires and cap the oil! put the sage in a plastic bag with the blessed crystal and the paper and seal it shut.

Spell Casters: a word of warning: Some people can be allergic to fragrance oils so be sure to either test a drop on your arm first or use a dropper/Q-tips to avoid contact.
Found on: The Incantation for Wealth
The Incantation for Wealth
and the giving over…
ON the second night of the full moon, three candles of beeswax need be lighted and placed in the form of a triangle on the top f a table and in its center.
In the center of the triangle, ye shall place a cup of wine and into the wine, a single coin whose worth matters not.
The following invocation should ye recite aloud:
Spirits of the earth, sky and sea, upon this night of the second full moon I beseech thee that thee intervene for mine part. Let no harm nor evil come mine way, nay, neither bodily nor ghostly on this night and at this hour.
I summon thy power in the name of Baell, Paimon and Agares that mine request be attended and thine hands be laid firmly upon this night. Let suffer no more the empty coffer thy worker who hath called thee to this place. Upon fear of retribution, pain and punishment, cast forth thine legions to gather all that be mine due. Allow them keep not that which is mine but offer over instead at thy command. So, this worker doth ask and so by the power invoked in the names of the three, Baell, Paimon and Agares, shall it be so.
When this incantation hath been cast, the spirits should be duly discharged. The candles should be extinguished in the reverse order they were lighted, the coin should be removed from the wine, the wine should ye drink and the coin should ye carry and never spend.
Found on:

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