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Travel Spells

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Before leaving on a lengthy journey, bless your car. Walk around it clockwise and examine the body, the windows, the wheels, and so on. Imagine yourself storing up more and more energy within yourself with each breath that you take, then breathe out all of the energy, fixing it in each of the car's part. Say aloud,
"May the protection of the Lord and the Lady be in and about this vehicle, that it may deliver us safe to our destination. So mote it be!"

To prevent theft:
gather as many keys as you have in your house (should be the # of doors that you have in your house)
Moving slowly through your house, take a key, touch it to the door and say:
"Lock out thieves in the night.
Lock out thieves in the light.
Lock out thieves out of sight."
Repeat this until you have touched each and every key to each door. Then, tie them with a red ribbon and hang over front door. Remember to visualize them keeping away thieves!
Remember, never leave your bed empty for too long. Doing so may cause unwanted negative energy to settle in your place. When heading off, clean the bed and tuck a broom into it, bristles on the pillow.
If you are in a strange place you might want to bring along a blue candle. Burning blue while you sleep will help protect you.
Mirrors are great protection in the bedroom, as it repels negative influences. So put a small one on the headboard of your bed, or at least facing the door, and you should stay safe throughout the night.
Herbal Talisman for Protection:
Cut a circle out of a piece of blue cloth. Fill the center of th ecloth with 9 protective herbs. As you add the herbs recite:
"For protection I fill this circle of blue,
For protection I use the herbs that I do."
Tie the bundle with white or silver thread. Carry this charm with you when you feel the need. You may make the tie long enought to put around your neck, or keep it in your pocket.
I added my own touches to that spell and used a piece of cloth that had a design on it with only a small amount of blue, but made me feel safe. That is the most important part, use a color or design that makes you feel secure. I carry it with me in my purse, which goes everywhere I do. Since I have carried it (many months now) no harm has come to me. Be sure and charge it with protective energy!
The following spell is a prayer to the sun, for quick travel. I believe that a spell is a spell, it's origin doesn't matter. If you believe the spell will work, then it will. So, seeing as how this spell is from Aztec origin, I think that as a Wiccan it will still work for me and others as long as you believe.
"Sun, come help me.
I'll be the first, I'll go first.
Then you, then you can go.
I'll be the first to reach the end
of all the desert lands,
of all the canyon lands,
passing over the earth's smooth face.
Smooth or not smooth,
She'll never hurt me.
Right through the sky I'll go.
That's where I'll be."

SEVERAL TALISMANS  (Submitted by Chandralin 17/11/00)
Talisman for Air Travel-have a gold disc inscribed with the following words:  "Swiftly, Safely in the Eye of God," and wear it about your neck on a chain.


Traveling Spell for Safe Return  (Submitted by Chandralin 19/11/00)
Materials List:

2 White candles
1 Purple candle
1 Candle of your color choice (This candle represents the person traveling-"personality" candle)
Vegetable Oil
Powered sandalwood
Sandalwood incense
Cloth handkerchief (for travel charm)

Inscribe your name on the "personality" candle. Then anoint all candles with vegetable oil and roll in powdered sandalwood. Place the personality candle in the center of the altar, with a white candle on the left and the purple candle on the right. Place the second white candle in front of the first white one, and the incense in front of the purple candle. Light the two white candles, the personality candle, the purple candle, and the incense in that order. Chant

"Mother of the World, arise
Watch over me/us with keenest eyes
As I/we travel, shed Your light
And keep me/us safe both day and night
Watch over my/our belongings, please,
And grant my/our trip be filled with peace
Protect me/us for I/we am/are Your own
Then guide me/us safely back to home"

Let the candles burn down completely. Collect the burned wicks or left over wax if there is any in a cloth handkerchief. Tie the upper right-hand and lower left-hand corners together, then the lower right-hand and upper left-hand corners together to secure. Carry the handkerchief with you as a safe travel charm. This spell is to keep your journeys smooth and free from mishap.

Ease traffic jam
Gods of Movement and of flow,
ease this mess that causes woe.
Move these cars along their way
And keep traffic moving through the day.
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Finding your parked car
Close your eyes and chant:
Ancient Ones come near and far,
Find for me my waiting car.
When you open them, you should see your car.
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