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Pet Spells

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Spells to Protect Pets
With some level of emotion hold the image of your animal being safe in your mind. Feel your desire for their continued safety. If one is gone from your side imagine what it will be like when your pet returns. Rough out the images as clearly as you can. You can incorporate this technique into other, more structured, ritual forms.
Take some fur of the animal (shed fur will do nicely). Tie fur into a bunch with some red thread (silk by preference, although cotton or even acrylic will do). Invoke the blessing of your patron deity. Place consecrated fur into a cannister the following is imperative!. The cannister must be reflective on the outside, but NOT on the inside (If the cannister is reflective on the inside, it will focus malicious intent on the animal!). Seal the cannister with red wax (just a dab will do) Place cannister next to cat's usual exit. Red is the color of protection, silk is an insulator, the reflective cannister reflects malicious intent, the blessing is for extra whammy to the spell.
A little something extra
To keep your animal free from fleas, soak garlic in olive oil and mix a tablespoon of the oil in with their food daily. (I would add that, while you soak the garlic and whenever you place it in the cat's dish, you might visualize the fleas jumping off the cat and never coming back.)                                                                       The above spells courtesy of Pandora's PaganWeb
Trading places exercise for you & your pet/familiar
 To trade places (mentally) with a dog or cat, or other animal.
Home, Zoo, Wilderness, etc.
1. Relax your body as completely as you can. Calm your mind, eliminating all thoughts which do not relate to your intent and purpose. Sit so that you are comfortable, and as nearly as possible on the same level with the animal you will be working with. Lie down if you like. The important thing is that you are able to comfortably make eye contact with your animal partner in this exercise. It is also important to satisfy yourself that the animal is likewise comfortable and secure with you
2. Take a deep breath. As you slowly exhale, look into the animal's eyes, and imagine that a part of your awareness is being transmitted through your breath into the animal's mind. Watch the animal breathe, and imagine that a part of its awareness is being transmitted into your mind.
3. Continue looking directly into the animal's eyes until you fell your consciousness merge with the animal's consciousness.
As the boundaries between you and the animal dissolve, you may feel as if you've really traded places with a member of another species, as though a part of you has become the animal - this is the height of subjective merging. You may begin to feel compassion for another species. You'll also probably recognize some of the artificial differences between the human and animal worlds. You may be able to feel or sense the actual flow of the animals emotions and mental imagery. Should you accomplish this then it should be no trouble for you to contract with the animal to serve as your magical partner. Asking another to become such a partner also places upon you the responsibility of becoming its partner. I would not recommend contracting an animal to become your familiar and then treating the animal as a pet. A pet is something you possess, own. A Familiar, to my way of thinking, is an individual who has entered into a mutually beneficial relationship (partnership) with you, and therefore should be afforded the respect and consideration due a partner
Pet Death/Euthanasia Ritual
Author unknown
Few things in this life seem to cause as much emotional pain as the loss of a pet. Involve euthanasia, and the remorse is nearly unbearable. Guilt pays a call. All the other emotional boogiemen flock around, too, just waiting for their turn to rip the grieving pet owner to shreds.
This ritual is helpful for dealing with the guilt, remorse, and sorrow associated with the death of a pet. It also helps send animal friends peacefully into the Summerland. I felt there wasa real need for this ritual .
BB Maiya
Items Needed:
Sandalwood incense
Rose Quartz
Red candle
White Candle
1 flower of your choice
Light the incense and candles, and greet the Lord and Lady by saying:
I come to Your now to release
This pain and all emotional beasts
That plague my heart so heavily-
Take them from me-set me free!
Name the flower for your pet. Holding it in your hand, stroke its petals
and speak to your pet with love and honesty. If euthanasia was a factor,
explain your reasons for terminating his/her life cycle. If not, this is
a good time to talk to your pet about loneliness you feel without
Place the flower on the altar and lay the rose quartz on top of it. Tell
your pet that the stone will always represent him/her to you, and
explain that he/she is free to go to the Summerland for rebirthing. Say:
You're free to go now, Little One,
Rejoice and play-the time has come
For your spirit to be on it's way.
Have fun, he happy-your love will forever stay!
Meditate on the spirit of your pet moving on, then place a drop of
vinegar on your tongue to represent the sourness we feel when Death
takes a loved one. Take some time to grieve what might have been. If you
haven't had a good cry yet, now might be a good time. Scream, yell, and
throw a fit if you need to, but get it all out of your system.
When you feel you can cry no more, taste the honey. Rejoice and
celebrate the relationship you had with your pet. Remember all the good
times you had, the love you shared, the special spot the pet filled in
your life.
Extinguish the candles and thank the Lord and Lady for Their comforting
Release the flower into a body of water, such as a river or stream. Wish
it a fond farewell as it floats away. Keep the stone close to you or put
it in a very safe place.
Plaese may i offer some Rites to say goodbye to a beloved cat that had
died. I will post them one after another. werecat has a beautiful rite
on her page as well. BB Maiya PS My new kitten is thriving and is out of
Rite of Release.
Sometimes our animal friends need a little help releasing from their
bodies at death. This is the rite I use when one of my animal companions
or another animal dies:
Surround the body in light. You may not be able to see this light, but
know it is there nonetheless. Know that this energy you send will be
used at some point in time to assist the animal to pass on to the
Picture a door opening and beyond this door, see a glowing landscape -
one this animal would be happy in.
Say this (or words similar):
*My friend,
Your body no longer serves you.
I bid you, in the names of the Lady and the Lord,
Go now to the Summerland.
May your spirit soar.
Blessed Be and Farewell.

Talking to your pet
: If you have a pet cat and would like to know what it is saying when all your mortal ear can hear is a meow get your cat to sit still in front of you and say
tail of rat
wing of bat
allow this cat to chit and chat!

to be extra sure the spell works tap the cat in between the ears 3 times before you cast the spell

Spell to chat with your cat
What you need: 1 yellow candle (more if you like), your cat, and alot of patience.

It is best to do this on a Wendsday.

Cast your circle. Now sit the candle in front of you. Light it. Place your feline friend behind the candle and get him/her to sit still. Now here is the fun part. Get the filine's attention and make sure throughout the spell that he or she is paying complete attention.

I call upon the power of Athena, The Goddess of Knoledge and Wisdom.
Give me the power for what I teach. Teach this feline the gift of speech.
Hand (cats name) this voice strong and clear. One that only I can hear.
This spell I cast will last until his/her death.
And then at peace, her voice will rest.
Three times three, So mote it be.
Three times three, so mote it be.
Three times three, so mote it be.

Then pick up your feline and give him/her a big embrace. Then thank the goddess for her help.

- Submitted by Celist Mooneye

This spell should be done during the waxing moon.
What you need:
1 yellow candle
candle holder
Amethyst stone (fairly small)
1 Brown collar apple, peach or lavender oil
5 silver paper clips (You may use jewelry-making wire but it won't be nearly as strong as the paper clips, which are unbelievable hard to bend and shape but it is possible)
brown fabric paint
Needle-Nose Pliers

Light the candle. Take four or the five paper clips and bend them all out as straight as possible (use the needle-nosed pliers).
Now take the paperclips and (do what feels right to you) wrap the stone as you would a crystal. Chant the following while doing this:
"This collar I have made by hand shall protect my pet, all evil shall be banned. It will keep him/her in good health and always loved it is a source of good luck that is always watching from above. No harm shall ever come to my pet. And my will, So mote it be!
Anoint the collar with the oil you have chosen.
Attach the wrapped stone to the collar (like you would a license tag).

Animal Healing
A Brazilian spell from the depths of the Amazon used for healing livestock and pets, and additionally, for easing births of the same.
You will need:
A particle from the animal
  (a hair, feather, nail-clipping, etc)
      A small, stone jar
      A small stone
     A sterile needle
      A short beeswax candle--any color
     Spring water
Fill the jar halfway full with the water. Light the candle. While the candle is burning, repeat this invocation:
Great earth spirit, guardian of life, I implore you,
Turn your watchful eye to this creature that you love,
Bring forth from the sky above,
The healing power of the sun and air,
I trust this mission to your care.
Prick your finger with the sterile needle and squeeze a drop of your blood into the water. Next, put the stone and the particle from the animal into the jar. Now, take the candle and drop seven drops of wax into the water. Seven drops, no more—no less.
Extinguish the candle.
Place the candle, upside down (wick down), into the jar and place the jar in an area where it will receive the rays of the sun.
For births, this spell should be worked about a week before the birth is due.
Remember, as with any healing spell, they are designed to assist in the healing, but should never be used alone. Proper medical attention is vital and a licensed medical practitioner should always be consulted.
Find a lost familiar
Light white candles of any size. Make sure you have a hair, feather (etc) of your familiar, before you say the spell. The spell may be done in any part of the moon phase, but sooner reciting of the spell will result in sooner finding of the familiar. Here is the spell:

What has been lost I call to thee
Much more than just good company.
Goddess and God, please lend your ears
Please help me find what I hold dear.
Blessed be! So mote it be

Drop the piece of your familiar into the first flame. Write down & memorize the spell. Burn the piece of paper and chant the spell until it is nothing but ash.

- Submitted by insano_neko -

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