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Learning Spells

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Help studying for a Test

Just cast a circle as you would normally.

Have the study material with you as you say this:

"Facts and Figures rules and laws.
Fill my mind and give me cause.
To answer questions, fulfill tasks,
and know the things I shall be asked.
When I'm challenge give me aid
to receive a passing grade.
All this knowledge stay with me.
As is my will, so mote it be."

(NOTE: DO study for whatever you are using this spell for!!!! DO NOT go into a test with out study!!!!!!)

-by Healer

A learning spell from Greece that enhances the mind's willingness to comprehend and retain information. This spell is very useful for students or anyone interested in learning.
Trace the following image on a piece of paper:

On the back of the piece of paper, write the subject you wish to learn.
Carry the paper with you especially during classes or times when you need to absorb and retain information.

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