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Invocation Spells

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Candle invocation  (submitted by SsPaRrKkLe  7/12/99)
 Candle Invocation
  - Barbara Van Duyne

 I light this flame to remind me
 of the common bond I share
 with all the living creatures of the earth.

 May this small sun
 warm my heart.......
 renew my spirit......
 and bring me courage to be all that I was meant to be. 

Invocation for the Prayer of Play 
Listen: I am calling to the spirits
I call the spirit of laughing water
I call the spirit of singing wind
I call the spirit of dancing fire
I call the spirit of drumming earth
Sunchild come, son of light
Leaping from stone to stone
King of the mountain, prince for a day
Clad in the mad dash of boyhood
Come Little Sister, daughter of light
Arms full of flowers, trailing a song
Followed by butterflies
Speckled with mud
Come wild Rogue and frolicsome Maid
Merry with magic
Remind us how to be children
When play was our worship
And pleasure our prayer
Share with us your wonder
All light-hearted spirits
Let Goddess and God
Lend their grace to our games
Let us laugh ourselves silly
Throw cares to the wind
Let mirth be our magic
And humor our hymn!

Beltane Sun Invocation

If you have a fireplace, light a fire at sundown on April 30 and keep it going until sundown on May 1 to invoke the Sun God. If you don't have a fireplace (or anywhere to safely build a fire) use a large white or yellow candle (the ones meant to burn for several days is best). As you light the fire or candle chant something like this:
God of Sun and Fire and Light
Warm the Earth throughout this night
Fill our spirits and hearts with love
Lift the darkness with light from above
Summoning the powers of the winds and asking for their help is a great way to
begin any spell. Here's how.
Turn to the North and say something like the following:
Turn to the East and say:
Face the South and say:
Then move to the West and say:
Now proceed with the spell, secure that the ancient powers of the four winds are
aiding your magick.
An Invocation to Bind an Unknown Spirit
so that neither harm nor mischief be done…
WHEN ye believe a spirit is lingering and causing mischief or bringing undue harm, they must be bound unto ye that thy word they shall follow and a dismissal they shall obey. To accomplish this most easily a circle must be drawn on the ground and the following invocation must be recited:
I call upon Amaymon king of the east, Gorson king of the south, Zimimar king of the north, Goap king and prince of the west, that thee shall attend my words. An unknown liege is upon me and hath refused to take their proper leave. Go thee now Amaymon, Gorson, Zimmar and Goap unto Baell and plead my request that this unknown spirit be bound unto mine word and that no resting place may they take, not in the sun, the moon, the twelve signs, the clouds, the air, the sea, the man nor woman nor beast nor earth nor that from it. Let this unknown spirit be bound unto mine word that to ignore shall they suffer the punishment of pain andgreat suffering. I conjure and constrain the unknown spirit that now immediately thou be obedient unto me, at all times hereafter, and to those words of mine pronounced, according to thine oath and promise: else let the great curse of the great and eternal virtue of the highest, the anger of the great and eternal virtue of the highest, the shadow and darkness of everlasting condemnation be upon thee unknown spirit for ever and ever, and for thy great disobedience thou are worthy to be condemned.
Next, shall the Dismissal of the Spirit be spoken and the unknown spirit discharged to stand judgment for its disobedience.

Invocation to Banish Fear
An invocation to drive away the Spirits of Fear.
At the rising of the sun, on the twelfth day of the month, a piece of clean, white, fine cloth should be laid flat upon a table. An equal mixture of thyme, rosemary and freshly ground ginger root should be spread over it, evenly distributed, but not too heavy.
The following invocation need be spoken aloud:
Spirit of the Rising Sun
Enter this place
Allow thy face to shine brightly upon this offering
That thy grace may be invoked.
The Spirit of Fear hath taken up residence in mine humble home
And apprehension has settled in not to be easily shaken loose
Spirit of the Rising Sun hear my plea
Let these spirits no more bother me
Banish them to darkness and bid them take leave.
Spirit of the Rising Sun fill the empty corners
That lo, they may not loiter and hide
Sweep the rooms with thine mighty hand
Force them outside.
Spirit of the Rising Sun
I invoke your power
That these things for which I ask
Be done
So it was, so it is, so it shall ever be.
When you have finished the invocation, carefully gather-up the cloth so as to not spill the mixture. Take the cloth full of mixture out of doors and shake it completely clean. The cloth should then be washed clean using soap and hot water.

Strength of the Wind
An invocation of the Spirits of the Seven Winds in pleading for a strengthening of ones psychic powers.
Out of doors and in the open air, on an eve of the waxing moon, you will need stand in an uncluttered spot and extend your arms outward from your sides. Begin to turn slowly clockwise, eyes level, whilst taking care to not move from the spot on which you stand.
The following invocation should be spoken aloud whilst you continue to rotate clockwise with arms extended from your sides:
Spirits of the Seven Winds
Keepers of the powers
Transporters of knowledge, wisdom and truth
Guardians of the earth, sea and sky
Hear this pleading of a wayward traveler
Grant me audience before thine eyes and ears
That thus this may be heard
And my needs be seen.
Those who fear thee seek me
Those who thou dost loathe abhor me
In thy path, I wish to walk
And with thy voice I desire to talk
Clothe my bones with the strength of thy strengths
Fortify my mind with thine solid foundation
Gathered from the expanse of the universe
And carried by thine able hands
That in thy wisdom and truth
And through the purity of your spirit
These things may be imparted unto me.
Spirits of the Seven Winds hear my cry
And let this thus be so
The Cup
An invocation for wants and wishes.
Set an empty cup on a table.
Light three candles and place them so as to create a triangle form around the cup.
    O         O
Pour a small amount of water into the cup, just enough to cover completely the bottom.
Close your eyes and imagine that which you want or wish for.
Repeat the following invocation:
Set mine cup upon thy table,
Fill it full or fill it not,
Let me drink to quench mine thirst,
For I know that thou are able,
To grant these things I wish be got,
And others needs to let not pass,
Just at this moment, fill mine first.
Drink the water in the cup.
Extinguish the three candles and repeat the following ending words:
Give not more than I  need,
That others may not go without,
Mine heart is without gluttony or greed,
Grant me patience,
Free from question or doubt.
Invoking Angels
Burn white candle on next full moon before retiring for the night. As you light it say:

"Little Angels, lost and found, Help me while I look around,
bring to me this very night, the thing I seek within my sight"

Then go to bed with a white feather inside your pillow case. Pay particular attention to dream you have that night, it will give you a clue. And if you do not dream then be very aware of your surroundings the next few days, something will jog your memory.

So mote it Be
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