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Incantation Spells

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An Incantation for Fortune

in the varied ways…
FORTUNE is best sought a single event but may be drawn for the general and varied ways. The incantation may be cast on any day save the day of the thirteenth of the month, lest bad fortune befall ye.
On a piece of natural paper, ye should draw the symbol as shown:
An Incantation for Fortune
The incantation that follows here should be spoken afore a lighted candle that be the sole light of a dark room:
Spirits of Luck and Fortune may mine voice be heard that thee not forsake mine acts but tend to the ways that befall me let not they be done in poorness. Follow this worker the way of the virtue in the time of the sun and the moon and the twelve signs that thou shalt not let arise the spirit of misfortune upon mine path and in its lead let this worker be misled.
Empower thy symbol with thine fortune and with let pass thy skill. So I ask thee, so let be.
Dismiss the spirits according to form and call. The candle should now be extinguished, the paper properly placed and kept upon thy person and carried with ye always when fortune is the need.

To gain another as an ally for whatever reason desired, you must first obtain a sample of hair, nail, blood or bodily excretion from the individual whose alliance you wish to secure.
At the midnight of a waxing moon, you will need light two candles. The candles should be placed side-by-side on a flat table or surface.
On a piece of paper, torn or cut neatly to a circle the diameter equal to a hand’s length, write the following letters in its center:

Below these letters, write the full name of the person whose alliance you seek. Above the letters, write your full name. On top of the letters, in the middle of the circle of paper, place the bodily sample of the person.
Repeat the following invocation:
In thy name I beg thy aid
That with it may this spell be made
This union ever to remain
Two separate links to form a chain

Drip a drop or two of wax from each candle directly into the center of it all and having so done, extinguish the candles. Fold the paper into a small packet and fasten it with a length of cord. Conceal the packet away so that it may not be easily discovered.

An Incantation for Skill

in the desired arts…
SKILL is best achieved by an invocation that speaks directly to the spirit of the desired art. The arts are themselves named after the spirits and so are addressed in the name of the art.
Three fresh leaves of an oak should be placed on a table and surrounded then by the placement of five lighted candles of beeswax so as to form the five points of a pentacle. A circle should then be drawn around the whole and no more should any enter or leave the circle.
The desired art must be addressed by name and her invocation ye should speak in a soft yet firm voice:
Spirit of (name the art), I summon thee to this place that thee may attend to mine desire of skill in thine beauty.
Spirit of (name the art), I summon thee in the power of the everlasting virtue of the highest that thee attend. Thy skill I desire so as to honor the virtues of thine art. Let this pass between us that thee suffer not the pain of torment for thy disregard and the two edged sword in its swift and unyielding justice might stay its blade from thee. Grant thy skill now that thee shall enjoy the product of mine labors in thy name. So this I ask, so this let be so.
Having spoke the invocation, dismiss the spirit. The candles should be extinguished and the leaves should be rolled and buried in freshly turned soil.

An incantation for the passing over of a loved one.
This incantation should only be worked on a dawn following a death. Seven candles should be lighted and placed in the following formation on a flat surface, such as the top of a table:

    O                      O                          O
WEST                                            EAST

 O                    O

Standing at the southern end of the formation, the following invocation should be spoken aloud:
Guides of the journey of the dead hear my plea
That the spirit of (full name of the departed) shall follow thee
Let it be no harm to them may pass
Or worry break across their traveler’s trail

Lead them to their place of just reward
Opportunities for peace please them afford
That in their haven may abide
Safety, peace and love
Guard them from all evil
Let enter
No trepidation
No anguish
No more.

The candles should be allowed to burn for the minimum of an hour before extinguishing.

Incantation to Increase Wealth
At the time of the setting of the sun, dig a small shallow hole in the fresh earth. The hole should be about the size of your fist.
Into the hole, place the following items, in this exact order:
One fresh oak leaf from any type oak tree
   Three new coins
   One strand of your hair
   A pinch of salt
Repeat the following incantation:
Open earth, source of growth, foundation of the world
Into thee I cast mine fate, I cast mine hope
Forget me not at growing time
Forget me not when the sun shines upon thee
And with its fiery power warms thy ancient bones
Causes that which lies in wait
Waits within your fertile womb
To spring forth and sing thy praise
For I sing thy praise this day
I sing thy praise and plead thee cast thy favor upon me
That in thy abundance I might share
So that mine stores shall swell
The fruit of our labors overflow
That I shall be chosen to receive.

Fill the hole with the same dirt which had been removed.
Water the spot for three days with rainwater only.

This incantation can be used to enhance ones ability to learn and to acquire a knowledge rapidly.
Best when cast on the third night of the waxing moon.
You will need three sticks of wood of equal length, a hand�s length each being ample enough.
You must be out of doors when the spell is cast.
On the night you wish to cast this spell, go out to a quiet and secluded place. One need be seated, and if at all possible, it be best if one be seated on the earth.
Take some time and meditate on one�s desire, be it general or specific.
Next, take the three sticks of wood, and lay them flat on the ground to form a triangle. In the center of the triangle, place your index finger of each hand, tips side-by-side and held firmly against the earth, as if with both fingers you are pointing in unison at that one spot.
Repeat the following incantation:
Stars of heaven
Holders of the ancient knowledge
Watchers of our ascents and declines
Silent yet strong
Grant me this I ask
Aid me in mine quest, yea, slake my thirst
And fill mine mind
With that I wish to know
So, this I ask, as it may be
So let this thing be so.

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