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Power and Energy Spells

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Power of the Earth
From Malaysia, a power spell that harnesses the power of the earth. This spell can be used to empower yourself in any situation.
You will need:
 A small stone
 A small amount of soil or sand
 A piece of cloth
 A bowl of spring water
This spell can only be begun two nights prior to a full moon.
Put the soil or sand into the bowl. Fill the bowl halfway with spring water. Place the stone in the bowl of water. Place the bowl, with the stone in it, in a place where it will be exposed to the light of the moon. Leave it there for two nights prior to the full moon.
On the night of the full moon, remove the stone at midnight. Wrap the stone in the cloth and place it under your pillow as you sleep.
In the morning, you must be up before sunrise. Place the stone in a place where it will receive the light of the rising sun. When the sun has fully risen, the spell is worked.
Carry the stone with you whenever you need to Decision Spell

A spell for wise decisions
This spell is cast to bring greater discernment to the worker. It is particularly useful when faced with serious decisions.
You will need:
- 2 small, dried twigs approximately 3 inches long
- a beeswax candle
- a length of twine
- a small amount of dry soil or sand (about a cup)
Light the beeswax candle and place it on a flat surface, such as a tabletop. Next, spread the soil or sand evenly on the surface. Take one of the twigs and trace a circle in the sand or soil. Do not allow the other twig to touch the sand or soil in which the circle has been drawn.
Now, lay the twigs on the surface, away from the circle, but parallel to each other as illustrated below.
Do not allow the twigs to touch at this point.
Repeat these words aloud:
Though this circle is unbroken,
With choices even side-by-side,
Let these words that I have spoken,
Break the circle and decide.
Pick up the twigs now, but do not allow either twig to touch the circle in the sand or soil. Place the twigs together, side-by-side, and bind them securely with the twine. Never untie the twigs.
Extinguish the candle.
Sweep the sand or soil away.
Keep the bound twigs with you when important choices or decisions need to be made.

Disenchantment Spell

A spell of deliverance and empowerment
If you feel you have been the victim of an evil enchantment, this ritual is perfect to deliver you from the forces of the evil invasion and empower you against further attacks. This ritual takes approximately nine consecutive days. Begin on a Tuesday night, right before midnight.
You will need:
- three beeswax candles
- incense (Frankincense works well)
- a lump of red clay
Mold the red clay into a small flat disc or bowl and place the incense in the center. Light the incense and wait until the smoke begins to rise. Next, light each candle and place them surrounding the incense, so as to form a triangle.
O  O
Visualize the forces of the evil which disturb you.
Call upon the spirits of the center Earth aloud by saying:
Spirits of the center Earth,
I call upon you, protective spirits, to help me--to defend me.
Being without defense against this malevolent attack,
I entreat you, combatants of the right causes, guardians of the defenseless,
To rise up against this evil and malicious presence.
Utilize your mighty force to destroy and cut down this evil.
Purge it by your fire, to purify and clean this iniquity,
That it may no longer wield its wicked influence.
This I ask, in confidence that it shall be done,
By your presence,
By your will,
As I ask, so let it be done!
Extinguish the incense, or let it burn out. This should be repeated for nine consecutive nights so that the enchantment might be banished.
Ridding Spell

A spell to be rid of an affliction
This spell can be used to rid one�s self of many sorts of afflictions and to renew one�s strength following an affliction.
You will need:
- a quart of fresh spring water
- a large bowl
- two small bowls
- a silver knife
- a lock of lamb�s wool
- pure, virgin olive oil
- red wine vinegar
- a circle of white, cotton cloth
- a few blades of green grass
- a beeswax candle
Pour the spring water into a large bowl placed in a dark room on a flat surface, such as a tabletop. Light the beeswax candle. By candlelight, take the silver knife and write with its point upon the water's surface, the name of that which afflicts you.
Pour some olive oil in one of the small bowls and soak the lambs wool in the oil.
Next, pour some red wine vinegar in the other bowl and soak the lambs wool in the vinegar.
Remove the wool from the vinegar and drop it into the water. Speak the following words aloud:
Dark be lightened,
Harsh made gentle,
Sour sweetened,
Through the power of the blade,
And the water�s strength.
Leave the lamb's wool there to soak all night, until sunrise, when it should be removed, wrung out, and set to dry upon a small circle of white cotton cloth. Meanwhile, the contents of the bowl should be emptied out onto the ground. When the lamb's wool is fully dry, it should be sewn up in the circle of cotton cloth and pinned beneath your clothing, to be worn there for a full month. Thereafter, the pouch of wool should be kept in a safe, secret place, so that its powers will not diminish.
Stone Wall

A spell for protection.
You will need:
- 12 small stones, approximately 1-2 inches in diameter
- a beeswax candle
- a compass
In your home, on the rising of the sun, on the morning of a Tuesday, light your beeswax candle and place it on a flat surface, preferably a tabletop. You will need some room to work your spell, so make sure the table�s top is not too small.
Lay your stones on the tabletop, not too near the candle. Next, speak aloud the following words:
Earth�s foundation, cold and strong,
In existence for so long,
Of your might I ask a deed,
For protection that I need.
Next, begin forming a circle around the candle with the stones. Leave the circle loose at first (stones not touching each other), but then begin moving the stones closer to the candle, forming a tighter circle, until at last, the stones are all touching each other and in a tight circle around the candle. At this point, the stones must be touching each other.
Next, take your compass and determine the direction of NORTH. Once you have determined NORTH, remove the NORTHERNMOST STONE from the circle. Place the stone in an inconspicuous, northern spot in the room or in your home, this will begin your field of protection.
Next, going in a counter-clockwise order, take the next stone from the circle and place it  in a position in your room or in your home, relative to its position in the circle. Continue doing this with the stones, using your compass to determine their relative positions, until all the stones have been distributed throughout your room or home and your field of protection has been established.
Once the stones have all been distributed and placed in inconspicuous places, extinguish the candle. Leave the stones in the positions you placed them. If you must move one, or if it accidentally gets moved after the candle was extinguished, you must then perform this spell again to reestablish the field of protection.

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