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Breaking Spells

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Spell Breaking or Reversal

from Tesa on the kitchen witch list

This spell is performed to either reverse  a spell you have cast, or  to break a spell cast by another.


What you need:

Your cauldron

A black or purple candle (purple for spell reversal,  black for spell  breaking)During the full or waning moon, place the purple or black candle  inside your cauldron. Fill your cauldron about half way with water.The candle should be at least as tall as your cauldron or slightly  taller. Focus on the task at hand- imagine the energy from the spell  you are reversing or breaking is forming before you into a large ball  of light. Imagine that the energy is now moving toward the candle and  inhabiting it. Light the candle as you are focusing and say, "Break the spell, break the curse, the spell which was cast is now reversed." Now imagine the energy slowly disappearing and that it no  longer exists. Allow the candle to burn down until it fizzles out in the water. Say, "It is done." Pour the water outside in a stream or into the ground away from your house. You can bury the candle or throw it out with the trash.

You Need: black candle, water and a black bowl
Place the candle into the black bowl, fix the candle to the bowl using the wax
drippings from the candle so that it stands alone.
Fill the bowl to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the wick.
Breathe deeply and meditate for a few minutes.
When your mind is clear, light the candle.
Visualize the power the spell cast against you as living within the candles flame.
As the candle burns down, it will sputter and go out as it touches the water.
As it is extinguished by the water, the spell is broken.
Finally, dig a hole into the ground, pour the water into it, then bury the candle.


light 1 pink candle, 1 green, and a black candle.
Be sure that nobody else can see you (close all curtains, doors, windows, etc.)
Now, get a bowl full of water and put 3 drops of green dye in it.
Now that you've done that, slowly tip the bowl over each candle allowing them to be
extinguished while at the same time chanting:
"Juina Shelt Fonsed."
You must do this very slowly and imagine the spell being lifted from your body and all the
good luck and fortune that will soon come to you and the evil that will go to the person
that placed the hex/curse upon you.

Although it is relatively rare that someone is truly hexed, it does happen.
Also, it is important to note that the mind has a very
powerful effect on the body, so if you believe yourself to be hexed, in effect, you are...
This spell will remove any hexed or jinxed condition, whether real or imagined.
Fashion a poppet out of white felt or other white material.
Stuff the poppet with vetivert herb, and place on your altar.
Inscribe your name on a purple candle and anoint (Go here to learn anointing) the
candle with an appropriate oil (I use patchouli, but there are other formulations on
the market, such as uncrossing oil, or go away oil which will work just fine).
Visualize as strongly as possible the hex upon you...feel its power and the strength it has
had over you...Now take a handful of garlic powder and sprinkle it over the poppet, while
strongly visualizing the hex/jinxed condition being broken. Put as much feeling and
emotion into this process as relax...allow the candle to burn down completely.
It is finished...the hex is mote it be.

Time: After Midnight any night, waning moon
Incense: benzoin Herb: angelica
Anoint candles with rosemary oil use white candles as many as you like.
You Need: one bead from a necklace you own (preferably a pearl-faux or not)
A small patch of black cloth, some string for tying. Incantation:
"I cast a spell asking , I now ask the favor of having the spell removed.
I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit
is true and my intentions are good, I give this pearl/bead from a necklace I own.
I transfer the spell into the and render the spell dormant.
No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell.
No further power shall it have. This is my will -so be it."
Place the pearl/bead in the black cloth - add your angelica herbs -
tie up tightly in the string until you have wrapped the pearl/bead entirely in the cloth.
Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on your final knot you tie and
Then throw the small package away far from your home. Close circle and give thanks.

If you think you have been cursed, and that is why you are unlucky in love,
you need to make a supplication to Aphrodite, asking her to intervene.
This supplication should be done on a Thursday evening at dusk.
Light 1purple candle and 1 pink one. Burn 7 pine needles in a bowl or brazier.
Offer the goddess three red roses, 1 for each stage of a woman's life (Maiden, Mother and Crone).
Then ask her to bless you in love and to break any curse that may exist.
Pour your heart out to her. Ask forgiveness for any and every thing you have ever
done to hurt another who loved you. Offer to make amends by doing something in Aphrodite's name.
Make a commitment to showering your future partners with love and romance.
Vow never to be unfaithful, etc. Be respectful when addressing Aphrodite and be honest.
Do not make empty promises or break the ones you make. If you say you will do something, do it.
If you do not, you may not like the result. There is no spell for this one, no incantation.
You simply speak from the heart and if you are sincere, she will answer.
Aphrodite can be a generous, loving goddess, guiding us towards bliss.
Or she can be a vengeful harridan.
Be warned, if the reason you are "unlucky" is because you have been unfaithful, abusive,
cruel, or otherwise wasteful of Love's gifts, you will face her wrath unless you agree
to immediately change your ways, and then do so.

If you believe a spell has been cast against you, place a large Black candle in a cauldron
(or a Large Black Bowl). The candle must be tall enough to extend a few inches above the
cauldrons rim. Affix the candle to the bottom of the cauldron with warmed beeswax or the
drippings of another black candle so that the candle will not tip over.
Fill the cauldron to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the candle's wick.
An inch or two of the candle should remain above the water.
Deep breathe, meditate, clear you mind, and light the candle.
Visualize the suspected spell's power as residing within the candle's flame.
Sit in quiet contemplation of the candle and visualize the power flowing and growing
with the candle's flame (yes, the power against you). As the candle burns down, its flame
will eventually sputter and go out as it contacts the water.
As soon as the flame has been extinguished by the water. the spell will be dispersed.
Break your visualization of the spell's power: see it explode into dust, becoming impotent.
Pour the water into a hole in the ground, a lake or stream. Bury the candle.

To the Goddess, I do pray
Grant me power, strength to flay
This one's curse
With these words, I hold thee at bay.

Some binding spells can cause physical manifestations.
You feel as if invisible strands of hair or thin strings are wrapped around you.
You can't see them but you can feel them and nothing you do can make that sensation stop.
Here is a way to dispel a binding.
Cut a bit of your own hair and set it in a small bowl.
Light 3 candles, 1 red, 1 white and 1 green. In a fire safe bowl or incense brazier, light a
piece of charcoal and add some myrrh, patchouli and sandalwood incense (powdered kind
not cone or stick). Take a sterile needle or pin and prick your right index finger.
Squeeze three drops of blood into the smoldering incense.
As you drop the hair onto the lit incense repeat these words:
With blood, candle and scent times three
No longer shall this binding be
Free to live and free to soar
Let me leave the house once more.
As I burn this hair, a part of me
Let my heart and soul be free!
And for those who doth cast despair
Binding me with sightless hair
I send to them this well-earned curse
Let their evil spell reverse!
Teach them mercy and love's sweet gift
Once learned, this simple spell shall lift.
As is my will, so mote it be!
Let the incense burn out and scatter the ashes outside.
Lifting the binding spell should take care of the problem. Keep an eye on those around you.
Someone who wished you ill will start to experience the torment they put you through.
Once they understand that what they did was wrong, then the sensation will fade
and they will be back to normal.

This is a spell for love gone wrong, for ending a personal, family or business relationship
that you no longer wish to be in. It is a fire spell. To work it, gather herbs of protection
and an image of the person (photograph, poppet, etc.) -Something written in their own
hand, a lock of hair, a piece of clothing or a personal object will also do.
Put everything into a fireproof container - iron cauldron, marble mortar, whatever -
and set fire to it as you perform the spell. It should make a very satisfactory blaze that reduces to ashes.
The ashes can be buried or washed down a drain. Flush them down a toilet if you are very angry.
Dispose of all the objects that connect you to the person: gifts, letters, photographs, etc.
It is especially important to get rid of jewelry. Move house if you have to. Be careful with this spell.
It's permanent, so don't use it unless you really mean forever. It's also powerful.
"by basilisk and bloodstone
by the garlic in the fields
by the poppies and what they yield
invisibly I make my shield
to detect thee and deflect thee
By dragon's blood and salamanders
by horses when their hooves strike sparks
by the dragon breathing flames from the Book of Life
I erase thy names
I cut the cords and unlock the chains
I sever all the ties by which we were bound
and with impenetrable walls myself I surround
against thy power and its source
against thy evil and its source
Vesta, Pele, Lilith Kali Kali Kali
I banish thee forever from me
and any harm from thee to me
doubles back and tables turned
thou shalt by thyself be burned
Lilith, Vesta, Pele Kali Ma Kali Ma
by the power of three times three I banish thee,
I banish thee, I banish thee I am set free So mote it be! "


You need:
Picture of both parties together or write the names on a piece of paper
A burning dish
Cut the paper between the two of you and say:
As I cut their tie let the bond between them be broken.
Burn both halves of the paper apart. Say:
As I burn the tie let the bond be ever severed. So Mote it be!
Thank the deities and dismiss the circle if you have used one.
Bury or scatter the ashes.


Light two black candles and chant:
In the name of the Gods and all ye Spirits
In the name of Kernunnos and the light and the dark
And the Gods of the Netherworld
And whosoever shall be casting a curse against me
Let them suffer their own curse
Let these candles be their candles
This burning be their burning
This curse be their curse
Let the pain they have caused me and mine
Fall upon themselves
Do this spell for five consecutive nights (as close to midnight as possible) and each night
chant the spell until the candles are spent.

 Breaking Up An Argument Spell

author unknown

To be done after an argument has occurred between you and a loved one. Draw two figures on separate pieces of paper, one representing you, and  one representing the other person in the fight. Personalize the figures as needed (e.g. draw yellow on the head for blond hair, draw glasses, etc.). Place an unbroken bay leaf on one figure and lay the other one face-down on top, creating a sandwich-type thing. Say, "Let the Bay Leaf take the energy and anger that is between us." Separate the figures. Pick up the bay leaf and crumble it into the palm of one hand. While doing this, say "As this leaf is broken and blown away, let the anger contained within also break and blow away." Place the figures again on top on one another and say, "Now there is no anger between us." Wrap a pink ribbon around the figures and put away in a safe place if desired.

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