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Sex and Fertility Spells

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Before you start decide with your lover what your goal is, eg: money, success, career... whatever. And remember as you do this ritual that all acts of love and pleasure are sacred to the Goddess and this is a holy celebration of the sacred Life Force.
Set up an altar with:
two purple candles
a goblet or chalice of champagne (sacred to Erzulie, Voodoo Goddess of Passion and Love)
musk incense
flowers of passion - orange, red, tropical if possible
sea salt
galangal root (for passion)
Sprinkle the galangal and salt in a big circle and place in the middle cushions and rugs for comfort!
Man stands in the North, Woman in the South. Both take a sip of champagne and stamp their feet and clap their hands as the woman says:
"Man! Thou are potent and lusty - come join with me my loins are afire!"
Then the man says:
"Woman, Thou art lovely and fertile. Come join with me so that I may temper my sword in thy furnace"
Stand looking at each other and let the erotic tension build - then leap upon each other!
When you are climaxing call out your goal for example: "Money, money money" or "Love love love" whatever it is. It will manifest in the cosmos fuelled by your passion.
You will need:
lush tropical flowers
essential oils of patchouli and cinnamon (male aphrodisiacs) or Ylang Ylang (for females)
rugs and cushions
almond oil
Create a sexy environment. Decorate the room with lush tropical flowers and burn essential oils of patchouli and cinnamon (male aphrodisiacs). (Burn Ylang Ylang if it's a woman your trying to seduce)
Sprinkle a large circle of salt and place rugs and cushions within.
In a bowl blend some almond oil with a few drops of patchouli.
Invite your partner into the sacred Circle and get naked! Dip your fingers into the oil and stroke each other lightly.
The man says the charm:
Woman thou art fertile and lush
come join with me my loins are afire"
Then the woman says:
"Man thou art strong and potent
impale me upon thy lusty sword"
Then leap on each other!
You will need:
a red candle
lavender oil
warm honey
Before bed take a red candle and warm the wax by dipping it in boiling water. Carve 5 notches down one side about half a centimetre apart. Massage lavender oil into the candle and light. Gaze into the flame and place a drop of honey on your tongue as you say: "The sweet delight of honey fills my body with passion"
Do this five times and then gaze into the flame feeling the warm ruch of passion move through you until it has burnt down to the notch. Snuff the flame and do for four more nights. By then you will have no problem being in touch with your sensuous self. It's a good idea to start this spell on a Monday - by Friday, ruled by Venus (the planet of sensuous love) you will be ready for a great time!
More tips:
For Women: regular bathing in a warm bath with 11 drops of lemon balm oil
For Men: regular bathing in a warm bath with 4 drops of cypress, 4 of patchouli and three of cinnamon
Use ylang ylang oil for massage
... in a Really Long Time AND is Lonely AND Ready for Some LOVIN' action!
During the full moon, especially on a Friday (ruled by Venus/love)
You will need:
magickal ink ( red indian ink to which you have added three drops of your own blood)
a feather quill
a green cloth bag
vervain (herb) - for love and fidelity
dried petals of a pink rose (one you've plucked yourself or has been given to you by a friend)
unconditional love
On the parchment with the quill inscribe the planetary symbol for VENUS, your initials and the infinity symbol (like the number 8 lying on it's side.
Put this in the bag with the vervain and rose petals.
Stand under the full moon and hold the charm bag in both hands close to your heart as you gaze at the moon and say: "Love be mine Love be mine Love be mine For all time"
Project all your desire for love into the bag and by the next full moon things will definately be getting exciting!
To guarantee a successful night on the prowl.
Pick a condom (or two or three!) that is your power colour. Maybe red for passion, black for mystery, blue for happiness, pink for love.
Light a purple candle for success and burn musk incense for lust.
Hold the condoms in your hand and focus on your goal. In your mind's eye see yourself meeting, interesting sexy people and having your pick of the bunch! When the vision is very clear - Open your eyes, gaze at the candle flame and say:
"Power of fire, heed my desire
My vision is clear - fuelled by desire
On this night, without delay
Passionate sex will come my way"
Snuff the candle flame and say, "So Mote it Be"
Pocket your condoms, head out and make sure you use them! Baphometic Orgasm Spell
You will need a eight-rayed star with magnets on each of the points.
Take a graphic picture of two people a doing the "wild thing".
Light a red candle for sex, a pink for lust candle.
Sprinkle protective powder around your Pink candle.
Symbolize your red candle as your target.
Do statement of intent:
Invoke Baphomet: Such as Rite of Chaos B
Then when done, visualize yourself as a sexual beast; doing what beasts do when in heat.
And it's probably better if you intent someone who already has that look and body language which says "Let's whoopie". Use the picture to masturbate and do all manner of nasty obscene acts.
Anoint with sexual fluids or oils, and at the moment of orgasm; (as Baphomet of course),
Put the well-used picture on your magnetized eight rayed star.
Don't know why it works, it just does.

Blood Spell
This spell must be done with the full cooperation of your lover.  You do it together.  So I placed it last after you have summoned him (her). Drip a drop of two of your blood on a cone of rose or patchouli incense (you go first to show him you’re not a baby in case he/she is) saying:
“Blood of (your name)
Love of (your name)
Then take a few drops of his/her blood and drip it on the incense saying:
“Blood of (his/her name)
Love of (his/her name)
Light the incense and pass a red apple through the smoke three times.  Lay the apple on it's side and with a consecrated athame cut it in half exposing the pentagram at its center.   Eat one half and give the other to your lover.  The spell takes effect immediately.  Be ready


For this spell dress a red candle with Lovers' Oil or use a Voodoo Doll prepared for a love ritual. Burning Lovers' Incense is strongly advised.
Say the following incantation three times each night for five nights in a row:
rose petals
a red candle
Black Passion incense (we used Spiritual Sky brand)
an athame
If you don't have an athame to draw energy, just do it the usual way. Phoenix caste the circle using the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and we caste the circle in rose petals. Then, we said, "The circle is cast, and we are now between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one. It is in this place that we invoke the tantric powers of Hecate." Then we drew Hecate within ourselves through a few moments of meditation, and continued. "And now, we are as one. So Mote It Be!" Then, raise energy. Put the candle in the circle's center. Light it together, visualizing your lust into the candle. Say the subject's name, then say,

"And now, the spell will be cast. I, _______, cast a spell of lust over _______. Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams of unbridled lust and passion for me, who is his/her Brother/Sister in the ocean of time. So Mote It Be." Light the candle, and say, "And as we light this candle, it is done with no ill consequences to anyone, including ourselves."
Dismiss, thanks, and close. You can do this alone, or with someone.
red 7 day candle
favorite perfume
favorite lingerie and other assorted accessories

I took a red 7 day candle, told the candle what I wanted. This part was graphic in nature. Things like I want to get laid NOW. I want a male that I like and that I'm comfortable with. I want him well endowed, with a quick tongue...yada yada yada. Add your own preferences here, but BE specific, I won't tell you any more of my details. But, I did request someone I could trust that practiced SAFE SEX. You absolutely have to add this. Just because you think you're gonna die without it, doesn't mean you need to die from it! So I sprayed my favorite perfume on my candle (Jessica McClintock), put my sexiest emerald green teddy and garters on my altar area, wrote "GREAT SEX" on the glass of the candle in bright red lipstick, added a few more personal items on my dresser that I associate with great sex (like a silk scarf, and my silk blindfold), lit the candle and told the candle to get to work.
Two days later, I got a call from my friend. She had run into an old flame of mine and he asked about me, so she told him she would tell me to call him. I called him that night...and he was thrilled to hear from me. (I had it BAD for this guy years ago...In fact he was my first sexual encounter and I always adored him.) Anyway he came by to see my new house and we talked and laughed about old times I got butterflies. (God...he's still as gorgeous as ever!!!) I guess he did too, because the next day he called to see if I wanted to come see his new house. He point blank asked me if I wanted to get LAID! Of course I said yes! Now you should know, that for him to do that is so out of character it's not even funny. This guy is usually pretty shy, but, he had been celibate for almost as long as I had (damn well over a year). He said it just sort of blurted out of him...and it was wonderful! He remembered everything! AND IT WAS LIKE I WAS 17 AGAIN!!!! I haven't had that much fun having sex in now I'm thinking I might make up a little sex spell to do with him...
BTW, since he was soooooo accommodating, I worked a spell to help him get his duplex sold that he's has listed for a few months, and the next day after I did the spell, someone went through and made an offer on it that he likes.....of course I didn't tell him about the spell. Just one of those nice things to do for someone that took care of something for me.....and GOOD LORD! He took care of me for SEVEN HOURS!
Have fun...good luck... be careful.
AND IF YOU DON"T PRACTICE SAFE SEX . . . . . . . . . . I hope this spell doesn't work for you!
"It's not what you want in life, it's what you expect."
Passion’s Fires
This is a spell from Cuba and used to create passion and lust in the person you desire.
You will need:
 Four beeswax candles
 A strand of the person’s hair
 A strand of your own hair
 A sheet of paper
 A pen or pencil
 Olive oil
 An metal pan
 (A square or rectangular cake pan will work)
Place the pan on a surface that will not be harmed by heat. A table is fine, but place something under the pan to protect the table.
Light all four candles and position one at each inside corner of the pan.
On the paper, write the name of the person you desire at the top. Next, write a brief description of the person, as you see them; you do not need to be specific, a general overview is fine.
Now write of your desire for the person, the more detailed the better—express all of your feelings—holding nothing back. Imagine you are telling the person of your feelings and desires while you write. Picture the person through your mind’s eye as you detail your desires.
When you have finished writing, dip your finger in the olive oil as needed to trace a large circle on the paper. Inside the circle, once again dip your finger in the oil and trace a second, smaller circle.
Inside the smaller circle, place the strand of hair from the person you desire and the strand of your own hair. Roll the paper, with the hair inside, into a ball.
Set the paper afire and burn it completely in the pan.
Extinguish the candles.
Bury the ashes near where the person lives.
Ritual of Enhancement
A steamy ritual used to incite and enhance passion in your lover.
Approximately two hours prior to when you expect to have sex with yo{1}ur partner, go into the room where the lovemaking will take place and light a single beeswax candle. Place the candle on a table near the bed.
In a cup or small bowl, pour approximately � cup of spring water. Into the water, pour about one tablespoon of scented body oil.  Place the index finger of your left hand in the mixture of water and oil; hold the candle in your right hand.
Speak the following words:
Water, oil, molten wax
In sex and passion do relax
Candle burn, ignite the fires
Of our sexual desires
Build and burn
Twist and turn
For the satisfaction yearn!
Remove your finger from the water and oil. Drip at least seven drops or more of the melted wax from the candle into the mixture. Stir the mixture with your right index finger and then slowly and gently rub the mixture over your skin.  Sprinkle a small amount of the mixture onto the bedLove at Light
A spell for increasing early-morning passions.
This spell should be cast in the evening.
This spell requires a small piece of white fabric, a few drops of your lover�s favorite perfume or cologne, a bay leaf, a small quantity of crushed almond and a piece of sting with which to tie the fabric.
Place the bay leaf and crushed almonds in the center of the piece of fabric. Sprinkle a few drops of the perfume or cologne over it all. Form a small pouch of the fabric and tie it closed with the string.
Light a single beeswax candle.
Hold the pouch in both hands and speak these words:
Scents of passion fill the air,
Like the morning�s dew
Lovers fresh, lovers strong,
Lover�s thirst renews!
Place the pouch under the bed you share with your lover. The spell can be refreshed as often as needed simply by holding the pouch once again in both hands and reciting the invocation.Passions Web
A spell to draw the object of your passion into your web of love.
This spell should be cast on the evening of a full moon.
Light a single beeswax candle and place it near a window. The window does not need to be open. Tear a piece of paper approximately 3 inches square. In ink, write the name of your object of desire in the center of the paper. Fold the paper two times to form a smaller square.
Recite the following words:
Seductress moon
Of silver heart
Lend your draw upon my love
May it be soon
We never part
Cast your circle from above!
Pick up the candle and hold it to each of the four corners of the window.
Put the candle back down.
Take the piece of paper and tack or tape it securely to the top of the window frame.
Extinguish the candle.
Sexual Risk
A spell for daring lovers! Watch-out for this one, it can get you into trouble.
On the eve of a waning moon, light four beeswax candles and place them in position to form a square. In the center of the square place a piece of jewelry that you often wear and a piece of jewelry that your lover often wears. If one or neither of you wears jewelry, an article of frequently-worn clothing may be substituted. Please note that for the spell to work if you are substituting clothing for jewelry, the clothing must be clean.
Once the items have been place in the square, crossover the candles, exchanging positions to form an X, as illustrated below:
Once this has been done, extinguish the candles. Remove the items of jewelry or articles of clothing only after all of the candles have all been extinguished.
Wear the items as normal and wait for the adventure to begin!
Exotic Love
A soft, warm spell for exotic love.
On a sunny day, pick or purchase a small bouquet of your favorite flowers. Take the flowers home and lay them on a table or place them in a vase. Light two beeswax candles and place the bouquet between them.
Prepare a bowl of your lovers favorite, fresh fruits. If by some chance, your lover dislikes fruit, feel free to substitute a food or snack for which they have a passion. Fruit works best, but other foods will do. Place the bowl in front of the flowers, nearest you.
One-by-one, garnish the fruit with the flowers. As you place each flower in the fruit, recite the following words:
Flowers and fruit, fresh and sweet
Love and Desire, Passion greet
When you have finished garnishing the fruit with the flowers, place the bowl in a location that your lover frequents. Any unused flowers should be disposed of.
Extinguish the candle.
Each day that your lover partakes of the fruit, remove a flower from the bowl and place the flower in the bedroom, close to the bed. As the flowers accumulate, so will your lovers passion.

Fertility Spell
This spell is best performed on a Full Moon on a Monday evening around 7:30
1 baby blanket (preferable one of your old ones but a new store bought will do)
2 small slips of paper
1 pen or pencil
1 small box
a bowl of fresh soil
1 pink candle, 1 blue candle, 1 green candle (tapers, not votive)
Patchouli or cinnamon oil
Sandalwood incense
Soft background music (optional)
1. First take a ritual bath using patchouli or cinnamon oil
2. Have all of your spell ingredients close at hand
3. Light your incense and cast your circle your usual way, call your quarters if necessary.
4. Invite the Fertility Goddess of your pantheon (or any) to come and sit in your circle to assist you and listen to you.
5. Take the bowl of fresh soil and sprinkle dirt all around your circle and say: "this is the soil from whence the Great Mother shall provide."
6. Take your baby blanket and spread it lovingly on your altar or spell table and say: "this is the wrap that shall warm my wee one."
7. Take your green candle and place it in the center. Take the blue candle and place it on the left of the green one. Take the pink candle and place it on the right of the green one. While doing this say: "these are the candles that fire the womb."
8. Now take the green candle from its holder and oil it with cinnamon or patchouli and focus on your baby. See the essence of the baby. See yourself big and pregnant then see yourself giving birth. Next, see yourself holding your baby in your arms. Put the green candle back it its holder.
9. Light the blue candle then light the pink candle. Now take both candles and using both, light the green candle and say:
"Pink for a girl and blue for a boy
Wee one you will bring such joy.
Fill up this womb with baby's life
Goddess hear my heartfelt cries.
I am strong and I am worthy
To lead this baby on its life journey.
And so tonight with child is me
This is my spell, so mote it be!"
Now, take your pen or pencil and on each slip of paper, write down your favorite name for a boy and your favorite name for a girl. Fold the papers up and place them in your small box. Set the box in front of the green candle and allow the candle to burn all the way down. You can move this to a safe burning place if need be. Go and make passionate love to your husband/lover. Once the candle has burned down, take the small box and put it in a safe place. Do not dwell on getting pregnant. Forget about the spell.

Spell to Conceive a Daughter
During your most fertile time arrange three candles in a triangle. At the top should be a silver one (Moon), to the left a brown one (Earth) and to the right a blue one (Water). These are the symbols of the Mother. Take a rose (blossom only) and place it in the center of the triangle. Using a thorn from the rose stem, prick your finger and squeeze three drops of blood on top of the bloom. Repeating the following:
"Sweet as the rose may be, and as strong as the thorn
From this union of flesh and spirit, my daughter is born"
Visualize a rose bush growing and flowering before you. Its blossoms smell sweet and the thorns are proof that woman is both beautiful and powerful. Soft and strong. Hold this image in your mind for a few minutes. Picture the leaves rustling with the breeze, butterflies drifting around the blooms. Now, picture an infant lying at the base of the bush, gently cradled by the curling stems and buds. Picture her as you would like your daughter to be, happy, healthy, smiling. Hold this image for a few moments.
When you are ready, take the rose and place it under the mattress before making love. Let the candles burn down. Each night before attempting to conceive, repeat using new candles and a new rose blossom.
Keep in mind, this spell increases the likelihood of conceiving the gender you seek. This means you may not conceive at all if the potential child was of the opposite gender! So think long and hard about using this spell.
Spell to Conceive a Son
During your most fertile time arrange three candles in a triangle. At the top should be a yellow one (Sun), to the left a green one (Earth) and to the right a blue one (Rain). These are the symbols of the Father. Take a dried Oak Leaf and in red ink write the following: "Sow in my womb a son as tall and healthy as the mighty Oak". Place the leaf in the center of the triangle. Next, place an acorn on top of the leaf, repeating the following:
"From this seed is born the Sacred Oak
From this union is born my beloved Son"
Visualize a tree growing, from the first shoots pushing through lush soil, the slender sapling, all the way up until the tree stands strong and proud. Its leafy arms spread above you. Hold this image in your mind for a few minutes. Picture the leaves rustling with the breeze, the sun shining through here and there. Now, picture an infant lying at the base of the tree, gently cradled in the protruding roots. Picture him as you would like your son to be, happy, healthy, smiling. Hold this image for a few moments.
When you are ready, take the acorn and place it under the mattress before making love. Let the candles burn down. Each night before attempting to conceive, repeat, using new candles but the same leaf and acorn.
Keep in mind, this spell increases the likelihood of conceiving the gender you seek. This means you may not conceive at all if the potential child was of the opposite gender! So think long and hard about using this spell.
If you are haing trouble carrying to term, use this spell in combination with your conception ritual. Begin by getting a sturdy piece of green rope (for growth). Tie one knot in it to represent the baby. Hold the rope gently in both hands and place it up against your heart and say, "Secured in my womb, a seed of love. There to grow and blossom until released by nature __months hence. Surrounded by safety, health, and wholeness you shall remain until this knot is undone." Fill in the blank with the number of months until your due date, then keep the rope bundled in a baby blanket.
When you go into labor, untie the knot at the hospital to release any pain and open the birth canal. This is similiar to what many European midwives used to do. When delivering a baby, they opened every cupboard, button, and window so that labor would be swift.
Spell to Give Birth to a Healthy Baby

If you are worried that your unborn child may be ill or be born with an inherited problem, cut an apple in half. Take one half and rub the fruit over your belly. Envision any sickness being drawn out of your womb and out of your child, and into the fruit. When you are done, bury that tainted half an apple in the ground, away from your baby's nursery window. Then go wash up, you are probably all sticky.
If a tree grows from the seeds left in the buried apple, this is an indication that your child will be very strongly linked to the element of Earth, and will never know hunger.
Eat the remaining half while envisioning your baby being born happy and healthy. You may wish to light a green, pine scented candle while doing this. Green candles are great for healing spells, and pine is associated with Earth and fertility. If you are allergic or can't eat apples, throw it out, but take the time to do the visualization.
Dreaming Exercise: Meet Your Unborn Child
Keep a pen and paper beside your bed so that you may write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Keep in mind that you may awaken during the night and should write down any dreams before falling back asleep.
As you lie down to go to sleep, count yourself down from ten to one, stopping periodically to remind yourself to take a deep breath and go deeper. If you find you are still tense from the day, count down again from ten to one. When you are very relaxed and nearing sleep, tell yourself with belief and intent that you will meet with your unborn child this night during dreaming and that you will remember it upon waking.
Turn your attention to the child in your womb. If you are not the mother, focus your attention on your image of the baby and continue as directed. Visualize your intention to meet with this being in a dream that night and send it with the feel of a question. Be specific that you are asking the child to meet you in a dream.
Allow yourself to fall asleep.
Exercise to Attune to your Unborn Baby
Initially this exercise needs to be done in a safe place where you will be undisturbed for at least an hour. Once a connection is made, the exercise may be done anywhere anytime. It is beneficial to use during times of stress for mother or for child; or in uncomfortable surroundings.
If you would like to do this exercise with a partner, choose one of you to lead the exercise with spoken directions or tape it to play back during meditation.
Make yourself comfortable. Take care of any bathroom or food needs ahead of time. Light some incense or candles. Cast a circle, or simply call in the Spiritkeepers of the directions, if you feel more comfortable this way. Take a deep breath and relax. Count yourself down from ten to one, stopping periodically to remind yourself to take a deep breath and go deeper. Visualize a bubble forming just before your face. Blow all your fears, stresses, irritations, any negative energies you may be carrying around into this bubble. Watch the bubble grow and begin to rise. Blow the last of these energies into the bubble and watch as it flies off toward the sun, carrying these things away from you. Feel very centered and relaxed.
Feel the energy of the Earth, flowing up through the soles of your feet, or the base of your spine if you are seated on the floor. Feel this light and visualize it filling you completely. It flows out the pores and your eyes and out through the top of your head.
Become aware of the energy of the universe flowing into you through the top of your head and filling your body. Feel and visualize this light filling you completely. It flows out your pores and your eyes and down through the soles of your feet or the base of your spine.
Visualize and feel these energies flowing through you at the same time. See them as balanced and centering you. You are energized and revitalized.
Now turn your attention to your womb. Be aware of any sensations or images that come to mind. Send a gentle stream of love and peacefulness to the child within your. Visualize an image of you, smiling and happy with this child in your life.
If you are practicing with a partner, both of you should visualize the same images together. Follow the image of mother with an image of the partner.
As you progress with this exercise, and as your pregnancy progresses, you may choose to use this exercise to introduce your child to the rest of your family. They do not need to be present, only in your mental images. You may also use this exercise to learn more about your child, by being very aware of images or thoughts and by asking questions. Feel free to experiment and discover what works best for you.

Red Clover for Promoting Fertility
From the Herbal Almanac 2000:
As a keeper of dairy animals, I was introduced to this herb as an ally to keep my goats fertility high and their mil production generous. It took only a little imagination for me to begin to use it for women as well. Red clover blossoms are best taken as a strong infusion (one ounce of dried blossoms brewed overnight in a quart of boiling water.) The tincture is a sedative. Pills and capsules have very little effect.
To date, I know of dozens of women who, unable to conceive, have found success after drinking up to a quart of red clover infusion everyday for at least six weeks. The generous amounts of minerals, proteins, antioxidants, and phytoestrogens in red clover restore health to the entire reproductive system. It's great for men, too. Most notable are the amounts of vitamin E and the presence of selenium and zinc. Red clover has ten times more plant hormones than soy.
Don't stop drinking red clover infusion once you get pregnant, though. The infusion prevents and eases the constipation so common during pregnancy. It also strengthens the liver and improves the appetite, especially when morning sickness is a problem, and it relieves anxiety.
Keep drinking red clover once your child is born, too. There is no more valuable herb to keep your breast mild rich and the breasts healthy than red clover. IN fact, it is the worlds most respected anti-cancer herb, acting not only to eliminate cancer but to stop its occurrence as well.

Baby Blessing Spell
Need: Rattle, piece of blue paper, silver-ink pen, small box, silver glitter
As the baby sleeps, gently shake the rattle three times; place it in the box.
Draw a picture of a boat on the paper; place it in the box.
Sprinkle the contents of the box with the glitter, saying:
Little one, your journey has begun, but the best is still to come.
Live long, live well, let no one break this spell.
Keep the box well hidden.
Imbolg Fertility Spell
If you’re hoping to conceive during the spring sabbats, start preparing yourself with fertility magic at Imbolc by making a talisman. Grind the following ingredients with mortar and pestle as you visualize your (or your partner’s) pregnancy:
4 parts seeds of any kind
1 part wheat
1/4 part rice
2 parts bistort
Handful of nuts

Tie the powder up in a small bag and carry it with you until you conceive. Afterwards, scatter the contents over the face of Mother Earth as you offer her your thanks.
By: Edain McCoy




Fertility Charaz
This is an old, Spanish, fertility spell.
You will need:
 One fresh, uncooked egg
 A beeswax candle
 A strand of your hair
 A piece of fabric large enough to wrap the egg
 A sterile needle
Lay the fabric on a flat surface.
Light the candle.
Lay the egg on the fabric and repeat the following words aloud:
Protector of the seeds and of those unborn
Hear my plea!
I offer this of mine
That you might find favor with me
Release to me from under your protection
One you hold dear
That I might in your way of old
Follow your example
And nurture a tender life
With my blood, I swear this oath
And seal my fate
That I shall guard this life
And protect it as my own
And so forthwith shall its
Fate if the oath be broken
Be mine also.
Prick your finger with the sterile needle and dab a small amount of your blood on the egg. With the burning candle, drop some melted wax over the blood. In the melted wax, attach your strand of hair to the egg.
When the wax and blood have dried, wrap the egg in the fabric. Bury the egg in the ground, being careful not to break the egg. Take care to bury the egg in a place where it will remain undisturbed and unharmed.

More Sex and Fertility Spells